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Name: Aadya Jha

Grade: X ‘J’


I’m not someone’s favourite,

I’m not anyone’s go to


I’m not someone’s homie

I’m not anyone’s dream

Come true

I’m not someone’s sunshine

I’m not anyone’s reason to smile

I’m Mee


A person who loves small


Who yet to find what

Having a bunch of friends

Look like.


Who loves to be someone


Who has big dreams

Who wants to shine


I’m Mee

Who always says, “I’m fine”

No matter what is in

Her mind.



The Loneliest Whale

Name: Sushrusa Maharjan

Grade: X ‘G’


Drifting form sea to sea, singing my lonely tune in search of the one that can understand me. “What are you?” You might ask.

I am an outcast, a freak of nature born with a fate of loneliness.

But, I have overheard form others in the sea that they have seen my King travelling while singing along with his families. Yet, I remain a lone whale consumed by the solitue that comes with being different from your kind.

Meanwhile, the creatures that have heard my calling have commented on my strange noises behind my back. I lack similarity to the other whales, as I do not sound the same. The wise ones discussed about whether the other could understand me or not but they were unable to verify any of their theories.

The most agreed theory was that their hearing range could not contain my sound levels. And communication would not be possible even if we were face to face.

I was at a loss of words and thought to myself “Do I deserve this loneliness just because I sing at 52 hecta?” Even so, I shall continue to sing, eternally waiting for someone who can understand me, so that we may sing together in harmony for asl long as we live. Until that day finally arrives, I shall contue to drift on and on and on...


What defines you?

Name: Subhecha Patra

Grade: X ‘I’


What defines you?

People often say,

Your grades define you,

Or may be your stupid little job.

Its maybe the money you make

Or the way you walk.

Are you the food you eat?

Or the way you talk?

Maybe you are all that

But what if,

You are the passion you follow

And the way you love.

May be you are the flower

That blooms after rain,

Or the silly little laughter

After you make a stupid mistake.

Oh, my darling! You are an undeniable masterpiece

But here they say again,

What defines you?

Cracked Wall

Name: Mansi Agrawal

Grade: X ‘J’

I was on my usual stalking following cycling routine when I saw a Cracked Wall. To me, the wall seemed very sad. It seemed as if it had cracked because of the unbearable screams of anger and frustration that it had to deal with; screams that often reminds us of a couple who used to be deep but unfortunately, fate had something else for them. Every passing day had kept getting gloomier for them. One day, the husband just had enough and left the house. The tree beside the house lost all its leaves. Yet the man didn’t return. Impatience got the best of the lady. May be, the wall started losing its paint and the lady inside the four walls started losing herself too. I think the wall accompanied the lady through a lot of phases and sadly, even death. Although she was married to the man, maybe the wall loved her way more than he ever could. I then came back to reality and started pedaling away because at last, this was all just a mind’s eye moment.

If I could be a cookie


Name: Harshita Agrawal

Grade : X 'H'


If I could be a cookie,

Oh, what a treat!

With flavour so sweet, and

Texture so neat

Soft and chewy or crispy

And sweet

A treat of all, a joy to eat.


I’d be golden brown, with

Chocolates chips galore,

Melting in your mouth, leaving

You wanting more.

I’d bring joy and comfort,

With each delicious bite,

A little piece of happiness,

Brining pure delight.


I’d be enjoyed with milk, a

Classic combination,

Or maybe with ice-cream, a sweet


I’d be shared with friends,

Creating memories so dear,

A simple pleasure that brings everyone near.



It is better to be alone than surrounded by fake people.

“It is better to be alone than surrounded by fake people.”


Name: Anaya Singh

Grade:  IX ‘F’


I personally believe that it is better to be alone than surrounded by fake people because being surrounded by fake people is equivalent to having no one in life and it both carries the same meaning. Being alone in life teaches you a lot of things like being independent, standing up for ownselves, self-love etc.

Staying alone does not mean you are lonely or left out. It means that you enjoy your own company and is happy staying your ownself. It even has a massive effect on your vision, the mass most of the time believes that you cannot enjoy alone and need a group of friends to enjoy but staying alone changes your perspective towards the whole scenario. It makes you experience the enjoyment and happiness of staying alone.

In addition to these, I would like to add that being dependent on people should be minimized and they should start being independent and enjoy on their own.




The Art of Positive Thinking

Sadhwi Devkota


Good morning everyone, today. I, Sadhwi Devkota stand before you all to discuss a matter that makes a deep impact in all your lives. My topic is 'The art of Positive Thinking.'

The prespective we adopt often dictates the colors we decide to paint with on the larger canvas that is life. Like a great artist, positive thinking can turn the ordinary things into the spectacular and the challenges into chances.

Making the conscious decision to concentrate on the positive parts of life despite obstacles is what positive thinking entails. It goes beyond simply donning rose-colored glasses. It is important because it has the power to influence our attitudes, perception and eventually our actions. Resilience, inventiveness and growth are all accelerated by a cheerful outlook. It empowers us to navigate a sense of gratitude for life's blesings.

It entails choosing opportunity over restriction, bravery over fear, and optimism over pessimism. It encourages us to have the courage to dream large despite uncertainty and having faith in oneself despite what the outside world may say. We open the door to a world of limitless opportunities where every challange is only an opportunity to get stronger and where failure is not a setback but rather a stepping tool.
Thank you thank you all ,




Biography of my father

My father's name is Dr. Shyam Prakash Dumre. He was born on 25th December, 1978. He was born in Waling -14, Syangja, Nepal. His father was Tika Ram Dumre and his mother was Tika Kumari Dumre. My father is a professor. He has passed Ph. D from Thailand. He works in Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He likes playing badminton, singing modern songs and dancing with rock songs. I like my father because he takes care of me and my family. He is my source of inspiration. He is the one who taught me the importance of honesty, responsibility and value of hard work. I love my father very much.

Name: Vedanshi Dumre 
Grade: III'C'

Biography of my mother

My mother's name is Babita Banjara. She was born on 17th August 1988 in Kavre District. Her father's name is Govinda Banjara and mother's name is Shubhadra Banjara. She has passed +2 from Siddhartha Academy, Banepa. My mother is a homemaker. She likes listening old songs and dancing. I like my mother because she supports me in every situation. She motivates me in my studies and teaches me to be obident and polite to others. I love to eat delicious food she makes. I love her very much. I will be always grateful to her.

Name: Savya Ghimire 
Grade: IV 'E'
Roll No.: 23

Biography of my father

My father's name is Hari Mehta. He was born on 3rd June 1981, (2035, Jestha 21). He was born in Inaruwa Sunsari. His father was Prem Lal Mehta. His mother was Mahabati Mehta. He has passed Master's Degree from Tribhuvan University. He is a businessman. He works in Balkumari, Lalitpur. He likes playing football,
singing Hindi songs and dancing with Nepali songs. I like my father because he is a kind-hearted and soft-spoken person. When I make mistakes, he never scolds me but teaches me to be a good person. He works till late night to fulfill our needs. So, I love my father very much.

Name: Rihansee Mehta
Grade III 'E'
Roll no: 26

Teachings from the Bhagvad Gita

What if I tell you that Bhagvad Gita is not a religious text? Yes, you heard it right. It's not a religious text but it's the world's first life guide. This thousand years old book is still relevant in this modern age. So, does that mean that today's youth can learn something from Bhagvad Gita? Let me tell you about its 3 lessons which are my favourite. 

1.    Let's talk about being Arjun 
We all have some anxiety in our minds when we deal with the easiest exam papers according to teachers but the toughest one for us. Like us even Arjuna in Kurukshetra was hesitant and doubted his capabilities. Like some of us Arjun had also accepted his defeat without even fighting for it. He had questions about whether he could fight against his own guru. Then our mentor Krishna made Arjun understand that no individual is above knowledge and knowledge is the world's biggest strength. Dronacharaya was a very good teacher but Arjun couldn't just become the world's best archer due to him. Arjun devoted and pursued his life to knowledge. The pursuit of knowledge helped him become capable. For we students, studies are the training ground and knowledge prepares us for a war called exam. To win over this war we need to have a weapon of knowledge of the subject and knowledge of oneself. 
2.    Distractions 
Our world these days is filled with distractions. The phone we used in study during lockdown is the same phone filled with multiple distractions. I am not asking you to spend your time wondering how can Bhagvad Gita teach us how to not get addicted to phone because I am here with your answers. According to lord Krishna, we have 3 distinct qualities i.e., Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik. Tamasik means short term pleasure like addiction of phone, social media, etc. Rajasik are the things we do for our entertainment. Satvik are the things that are difficult for us to do. Gita tells us that we need to balance these three qualities. We should set our goal to reduce the Tamasik qualities. I know the difficult things bring joy but we can make it fun right. This is what Gita tells us to increase your interest in Satvik things. 
3.    Failure 
We live in a world where competition demoralizes some of us. Shri Krishna told Aurjun that results don't depend on your effort alone but they depend on many things that are not in your control. He teaches us to not only work for results but work for the right reasons. We should work hard because that is the right path to move forward. And, as mentioned in three idiots, "kamyaab hone ke liye nahi kaabil hone 
Ke liye padho, success ke piche nahi excellence ka picha karo,   success jhak maar ke tumhare piche aayegi". Not even trying for the fear of bad result is foolishness. So just keep giving your best. 
Yes, Gita is too old for today's generation but its knowledge contains no expiry dates. Lastly, if you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl. 
But whatever you have to do, you have to keep moving forward -By Martin Luther King. 

Name: Garima Bhagat 
Grade: XI'B'

Biography of my father

My father's name is Krishna Bahadur Thing. He was born on August 31, 1983. He was born in Manahari, Makawanpur. His father's name is Bishnu Bahadur Thing and his mother's name is Sukumaya Thing. He has passed Master's Degree from TU. He is a businessman. He works in Om Shanti Auto Center. He likes playing volleyball, taekwondo, football and cricket. I like my father because he motivates me to work hard and is always in worry when I get sick. He is the most selfless person I have ever met. He is kind and always encourages us to stay positive. So, I think I am very lucky to get a kind father like him.

Name: Choyongee Thing
Class: IV 'H' 

George Boole

Nistha Jain 
29th August, 2023 
Grade: XI 'D'

George Boole was born on 2nd November 1815 in Lincolnshire, England. He died on December 8, 1869, Ballintemple, County Cork, Ireland. 
He was an English Mathematician who helped to establish modern symbolic logic and whose algebra of logic and many other contributions are there in the world today. ‘Boolean Algebra’ is named after his last name ‘Boole.’ The Boolean Algebra is basic to the design of digital computer circuits. 
George Boole is a legendary mathematician, who is also known as ‘Grandfather of the digital world and one of Lincoln's greatest minds.’ His ground breaking work ‘An investigation of the Laws of Thought’ in 1854, formulated his 3 fundamental laws of logic that is now known as ‘Boole's Law of Thought.’ These laws established a mathematical framework for reasoning and laid the groundwork for Symbolic logic - a method of representing logical relationships using symbols rather than words. 
Overall, George Boole's contribution to logic and mathematics have had a profound and lasting impact on fields such as computer science, philosophy and engineering. His ideas continue to be a prerequisite in the design and functioning of modern digital technologies.

The Eveland

Manshi Singh 
Grade: IX 'F' 

Mr. Ike Eveland is a great novelist, who has a great history of being a multitalented. He was born on 12th of July in the great land of Sweden. He is a well-known individual around the present year with a great number of followers along his side inspired by his works. 
He joined the company Nijisanji on 11th December 2020 and made his debut on 1st January 2021 along with his co-workers and genmales.  Mr. Eveland was renowned with the lille of The Novelist from the past " from C hi followers and was a member of the new wave of Nijisanji En's 4th "Luxiem" with his gen-mates Luca Kaneshiro, Vos Akuma, Shu Yamino and Mysta Rias.
He is known for his amazing work with novels and music and has a fascinating liking to caviar on toast and a wide knowledge on The Vocaloid genre. His new found job as a V-Tuber on the internet has gone a long way as up to 2 years by now and he wishes to continue his work as said by him on his latest vods. He is known/ given by his folowing filles as 'The man of gender' C "Funny Swedish Man "The Vocaloid King and many more, there is even a particular title for him given by one of his gen-mates Mr. Vox Akuma for their Vods together and is named as the Horror for Husbands as some may say. He is also famous for his humor and way of expressing him self to others around him despite showing a whole new personality with other very close to him.  
His voice being quite relaxing and charming people usually like his Zatsudan Vods on his stroms. He has collabed with many different V. Tubers personalities on his time and will continue with Mr. Eveland who is greatly praised for his knowledge of languages as he is fluent in all English and Swedish along with Survival" Japanese He has met talents world - wide who along with his co-workers and His followers expect more from him in the future alongside him. 


Krish Mahato 
Grade: XI 'C' 
29 Aug, 2023 

Sir Issac Newton was born on 4th January 1643 and died on 31st March 1727. He was an English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, alchemist, theologian and author. He was described in his time as a natural philosopher. 
Moreover, he was a key figure in the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment that followed. His pioneering book, first published in 1687, consolidated many previous results and established classical mechanics. 
Newton also made seminal contributions to optics and share credit with German Mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz for developing infinitesimal calculus. In ThePrincipia, Newton formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation that formed the dominant scientific view point for centuries until it was superseded by the Theory of Relativity.
Newton used his mathematical description of gravity to derive Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, account for tides, the transections of comets, the precession of the equinoxes and other phenomena, eradicating doubt about the solar system as heliocentric. He demonstrated that the motion of objects on earth and celestial bodies could be accounted for by the same principles. Newton built the first practical reflecting telescope and developed a sophisticated theory of colour based prism separating white light. 


Keshavi Somani 
Grade: X 'F' 

Blackpink -the world's greatest K-pop girl band is making history around the world. The one who struggled a lot and who had to live with cockroaches in their houses, have now become the world's greatest singers with fans all around the globe. 
Blackpink has four members - Jennie, Jisso, Lisa and Rose. Each singer is from different parts of the world. Jennie and Jisoo are both from South Korea. Rose was raised in New Zealand and Lisa is from Thailand. 
Blackpink has grown out with a concept of dark music. They produce songs on how we should fight problems in our life. Their songs help us to cope up with the hardest of all situations in our life with all our strength. 
They debuted in YG Entertainment on 8th August 2016 with the song "Whistle". It became a hit overnight and named their fandom 'Blink" within a month. It was followed by their new beats. Every release like Boombayah, How You Like That, Ddu-Du Ddu, Ice Cream, As If It's Your Last and et cetera. They have collaborated with many big artists like Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez and have broken many records too. Their new release was hit in Billboards too. 
They have organised many concerts all over the world including Coachella and Los Angeles (LA). Their contract expired on 8th August 2023. But for their fans sake, they again renewed their contract. And now they are going to come with a big comeback. 
These 4 girls have become an inspiration for thousands of girls and youngsters around the world by their devotion of never giving up no matter how much struggle they face or hate they get. They have also taught their fans to work for their dreams and what not they would achieve. 

Life of Putin

Ishan Khan
Grade:  XII - 'C' 

Today Putin is one of the most powerful and the most influential people of the world. Born on 7th October 1967 at St. Petersburg Russia, he has served as the President of the Russian Federation for more than four terms. 
During the Soviet Era, Putin served as an undercover spy for the KGB, the popular Soviet intelligence agency. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he was heartbroken to see his country fall apart. 
During the 1990's, Putin resigned from his post of senior spy and decided to join the Russian Politics. With the help of his KGB comrades, Russian mob bosses and the oligarchs, he rose to power becoming the mayor of St.Petersburg. During his time as mayor, he was able to win the hearts of the Russian people through his influential speeches and debates which mainly focused on to reunite Russia as a global superpower. 
After the 1998 Moscow bombing by the rebels of Crimea, Putin was able to influence more Russian citizen through fear. Due to this, his approval rating suddenly jumped from 2% to 49%. And during the 1999 election, he became the Prime Minister of Russia. During the New Year’s Eve of 1999, the then president resigned making him the President of the country. After he rose to power, he successfully invaded two of Russia’s neighbour Georgia and Ukraine. Ever since Vladimir Putin became the President, he has suppressed the Russian media as a propaganda weapon to deceive the general public. 
In the beginning, he worked to suppress the 12 Russian oligarchs who were powerful due to their states in the Russian natural gas sector. He favoured those who supported him and eliminated those who didn't. Afterwards, he shifted his focus to stop the eastward and came across the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) or North Atlantic Alliance (NAA). 
Currently, Putin is fighting a bloody war in Ukraine. Despite Russia facing criticism, Vladimir Putin stands strong like a beacon of hope providing stability to Russia and the Russians. 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Archit Singh 
Grade: X 'H' 

"Dhoni finishes off in style with a magnificent strike in the crowd and he is an Indian captain to lift World Cup after 28 years." 
In a small town of Jharkhand, Ranchi the two parents Pan Singh Dhoni and Devki Dhoni were blessed with a legend one whose name will be chanting in all Indian crowd. Dhoni was brought and raised up in Ranchi. From his childhood he had interest in Football. His love and passion for football had far away opened a door for cricket which he never thought. His potential in cricket was recognised by his coach Mr. Banarice. His love for cricket increased but it was not living a good impact on his father. But his sister supported him a lot in cricket. 
After his day to day game improvement, his father started believing in him and his performance. His game was recognised by Railway chief which led him to giving an opportunity of Job in the railways. But Dhoni didn't favour it much and left it behind and thought of giving his full dedication towards cricket. After being selected in Indian Team he married Sakshi Dhoni.
In the beginning of his career, he consistently lost the matches and was hated and criticised by all Indian Cricket fan followers. After that, BCCI recognised his talent of leadership and he was appointed as the captain for T20 world cup which led to victory for India. Then people again started believing in Him. 
The Final Day, (11-11-2011) 
The final match was played between India vs Srilanka under the captaincy of  Dhoni. First it was batting of Srilanka leading up to target of 245 run. We thought an easy target to be chaised but during our opening all the star batsmen became out one by one. Then batting came of Dhoni. We thought Yuvraj Singh should come because he was at his prime during tournament but Dhoni came and played a captaincy inning and leading to a win, by hitting a sixes and fours all around. 

Katherine Johnson

Aastha Thakur
Grade:  XI 'B'

The present world is a world of equality where every single human has the right to participate in all fields irrespective of race, religion, gender or any other diversity. However, it is not always the same. The human civilisation has gone through multiple changes, some good and some bad. Katherine Johnson is one of those great personalities who broke all the barriers of differences and discrimination and inspired the future generations. 
Katherine Johnson was born in an African family in West Virginia. She was not from a very economically well-off family due to which her childhood was pretty difficult. However, no difficulties stopped her and she graduated at an early age of just 14. She later on started teaching and got married at the age of 33. She applied to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and was deployed as human computer to calculate the trajectories. She was kept separately to the other white employees who were pretty deceitful. However, her amazing talent helped her rise up among all her colleagues.
 She had a prominent contribution in different space missions. She worked in NASA for about 33 years with Apollo 11 and she was the women behind the great success of missions that include Apollo 11 mission, the first one and the mission 1962 (The friendship mission). In fact, John Glenn denied to go on the space mission of 1962 unless Katherine personally reviewed the calculation of Trajectories. 
Her contributions were so astonishing and significant that she was awarded the Presidential Medal of freedom in 2015 A.D. by Barack Obama. She also raised voice for fair pay for the women employees and advocated to uplift the involvement of women in STEM areas. 
Katherine Johnson once said in one of her interviews, " I never ran away from my work playing sick or any- thing: The one problem I had was answering questions to the world which I did in the best way possible." This undoubtedly proves her dedication in the field. She stands as the biggest inspiration for those who always get back thinking that their problems or difficulties are the barriers for their success.

Taylor Swift

Aakriti Jha
Grade:  IX 'G' 

Taylor Swift is a Native American Music Artist. She was born on the 23rd of December, 1989 in a small town in America. She began her music career in her young age of 15 and today, she is one of the most successful and popular music-artist in the world. She is adorned by people of all age groups because of her unique style of composing lyrics and expressing them in her pleasant voice. She has won hearts and loyalty of billions of people till date. Not only did she win hearts but she's also achieved many awards in her music career. She has won over 7 Grammy's and 9 Vamps awards which is one of the most prestigious awards in the music industry. But this journey obviously wasn't easy. She went through a lot in the beginning. She had just received a lot of love and support in her first few albums which she unfortunately got scammed. As a young teenager it was very difficult for her to face everything but she still handled it very well. The music production that she was working with, stole all her albums and she didn't own any of her music. Everything she was earning from her music was going to the production team. Even after all this she didn't give up. She released even more albums and decided to rerecord her stolen ones. After this, she posed even more and helped the society and her country a lot. Her albums are: Taylor Swift: debut, Fearless, Speak Now, RED, Reputation, Folklore, Evermore, Lover and Midnights. 
Over 15 Billion people listen to her monthly on Spotify. Her fans identify themselves as 'swifties'. Unlike other singers, her song lyrics hold deep meaning. I myself am a swiftie and adore her songs. In today's era, her music is like the rapy to many teenagers and she heals our soul. In this year, Taylor Swift had a world wide concert tour, which she calls 'Eras tour" This tour literally boosted the overall far economy of the USA so much. She dedicated a lot of her earnings to charity as well. Today, she is an iconic personality. But all this started when she was just 13.
Her career started when a guy came to her house to fix a computer. He had a guitar. Taylor looked at him and told the guy that it looked good. The guy asked her if she wanted to play it. "I wish….', she answered. Then the guy offered to teach her every week and gave the guitar to her. This is when, she became really good at it and wrote her first song, Enchanted". And now, she winsthe hearts of billions of people. She heals them, including me.

Helen Keller

Vidhisha Nepal
Grade:  XII 'D'

Underrated by deafness and blindness, Helen Keller rose to become a major 20th century humanitarian, educator and writer. She advocated for the blind and for women's suffrage. Meanwhile, she co-founded the American Civil Liberties Union. She was born on 27th June 1880 in Pon Tuscumbia, Alabama. Helen was the older of two daughters of Arthur H. Keller, a farmer, newspaper editor and confederate army veteran. His second wife Katherine Adams Keller, an educated woman was from Memphis. Several months before Helen's second birthday, due to her serious illness, possibly meningitis or scarlet fever - left her deaf and blind. She had no formal education even when she was seven years old. Since she could not speak, she developed a system for communicating with her family by feeling the facial expressions of others. 
Recognizing their daughter's intelligence, Keller's mother sought help from experts including inventor Alexander Graham Bell, who had become involved with deaf children. Ultimately, she was referred to Anne Sullivan, a graduate of the Perkins School for the Blind, who became Keller’s lifelong teacher and mentor. Although Helen initially resisted her, Sullivan persevered. She used to teach alphabets and to make words by spelling them with her fingers on Keller's palm. Within a few weeks Keller caught on the technique. A year later, Sullivan brought Keller to the Perkins School in Boston, where she learned to read Braille with a specially made typewriter. Newspaper chronicled Keller’s progress at the age of fourteen. Later she went to New York for two years where she improved her speaking ability. 

Vincent van Gogh

Soumya Bista
Grade: XII 'A'

Art is a universal language that transcends beyond the barriers of spoken words. It is unique, personal and remains as one of the finest forms of expressions of emotions. Art depicts the minds of the artists - their feelings, thoughts and the deepest emotions. And one artist who stands out by expressing the emotional turmoil through each precise brush stroke is, Vincent van Gogh. 
Vincent van Gogh, was a Dutch painter who rose to prominence in the post-impressionist era of the 19th century. His arts still continue to find relevance in the realm of modern art. 
Van Gogh was born on 20th February, 1853 in the Netherlands to a middle-class family. His father was a pastor while his mother came from a family of art setter. van Gogh was not very immersed in art in his early years. But he did give a shot at selling arts. It was not until his mid-twenties that he started painting of his own. 
These paintings, however, were different from the van Gogh, we have and know today. 
His art got progressively better when he moved to France, where he was moved by the work of French painters like Claude Monet, who indulges with bright colours on their canvases. This started his ‘Yellow Era’ where he used bright paints for his printings. One of the most notable paintings from this period was ‘Sunflowers’.
Even though van Gogh was making hard in his artistic career, his state was dwindling with each passing day. He was always under the constant stress and had severe turmoil of life. An incident in his apartment in Paris, where he cut off his ear shows his tumultuous state of mind. His art work, ‘The starry Night’ portrays his life when he had the blues. Even if he is not alive today, the remains immortalized in more than 2,100 artworks seem to give solace. They stand as a symbol for people struggling with mental health issues.

Rabi Shakya

Snigdha Shakya 
X 'B'

In this world, many admirable and great achievers have been born. But among them, the one who has mostly influenced and inspired me is my father – Rabi Shakya. 
He was born in Itumbal, Kathmandu on 25th November 1973 A.D. He was the second youngest son of Nani Hera Shakya and Rajikaj Shakya. He came from a poor family with five siblings. Having a sick mother, he was raised by his sisters and had a challenging yet memorable childhood. And yet he was a very sincere and diligent child who excelled in studies. 
After completing his SEE ranking in top 10 in Nepal, he pursued the path of becoming a doctor as inherited by his family members. He did his Bachelor in Bangladesh and finished his MBBS in one of the top medical universities in Delhi, India. Thereafter, he went to do MD in psychology in medical science becoming one of the first few psychologists in Nepal. He got married with Ambika Lama at the age of 32. He left his home and went to work at BP Koirala Institute of Health Science Dharan for 5 years. 
There he continued his career in Mental hospital for 5 years. And finally, he joined Patan Hospital opening the psychiatrist department there. He got promoted as a professor and also became Head of Department of psychiatry. He is now the Director of Patan Hospital. 
During his career he did several researches, published books, did several conferences and has earned a notable position in the medical field in Nepal. 
He received several awards and is now a well-respected doctor. 

Subhash Chandra Bose

Simon Ginodiya
Grade: IX 'H'

Subhash Chandra Bose, popularly known as Netaji, occupies a respectable place in the Indian history of independence movement. He was a man of great courage, single minded and dedicated leader who burned with patriotism. 
He wanted to free India from the British yoke, not by peaceful agitation or petitioning, but by waging an open war. 
He went abroad, collecting a big army of Indians. They fought like Mazzini and Garibaldi of Italy. This is rarely mentioned in the annals of liberation movement all over the world.
He was admitted to the protestant European school in Cuttack for primary education. When he was fifteen years old, Bose read the writings and speeches of Swami Vivekananda. And inspired by them, he became greatly interested in the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa too. He left his school in 1909. 
He observed a psychological change in himself after his admission in Revenasha Collegiate School. The school's atmosphere was totally Indian at school. He was always serious, reserved and did not take much interest in sports. The 'sadhus' and pilgrims visiting Puri, the famous Shrine near his place – everything about there fascinated him. After his school, Subhash joined the Presidency College, Kolkata that made him go in search of a Guru in 1914. He started a debating club in his college saying that India, in her forthcoming struggle, would need great debaters and parliamentarians. 
After the time passed, Subhash reached Mumbai and met Gadhiji. He never agreed with Gandhiji on the issue of using non-violence as the only strategy for freedom struggle. However, Gandhiji was impressed by him and sent him to Bengal to work under the guidance of Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, the most popular lawyer of Bengal 


Virat Kohli

Sharad Kabariga
Grade: XI 'E' 

Virat Kohli was born in a middle-class Punjabi family. And he is a fine national cricketer from Delhi, India. He is 34 years old. 
Virat was passionate about cricket right from childhood. But he was not that good in studies. Therefore, he did not like to study. It was once when he got only 8 marks in Maths. But he was a very talented cricketer. He found some teachers who supported him. His parents also supported him a lot. And he successfully debuted for India in 2011. 
He had been playing IPL for RCB from the 1stseason from 2008. The day his father died; he had a Ranji Trophy match. He attended his father's funeral and went to play the match where he hit his first century. He also contributed a lot in 2011 ICC world Cup.
He married Anushka Sharma in 2018. He ultimately became father in the year 2020. His daughter's name is Vamika. Till now he has hit 76 centuries in different international matches. His best match is with Pakistan in 2022 T20 World Cup where he made India win the losing match by scoring 82* runs. 
Right now, he is the brand ambassador of many brands like Puma, Wrogn, MRF Tyres etc. He is the richest cricketer and takes crores of rupees for a single advertisement posted in social media. He has many luxurious cars. He has also the record of highest scores in IPL 2016 season i.e. 75. He is the only cricketer who hit centuries in all the cricket formats. He has the largest fan following and has 257M followers in Instagram. And he is very handsome. 
Today he is the role model of millions of people. Millions of people love to watch him play cricket every time. He is also known as 'Run Machine’, ‘King Kohli’, and ‘King of the Cricket’. And he believes that he can break the record of Sachin Tendulkar of 100 centuries as he is one of the fastest runners and the fittest cricketer. 

A life full of hard work

Shanaya, Agrawal 
Grade : IX 'I'

Born during a hot summer morning, in the small village of Rishikesh, India was a girl from a poor family who hardly had money to feed themselves. She started doing job since the age of three. And she is none other than Neha Kakkar. On June 6, 1988, she entered this world with a dream of being a successful singer. 
Growing up surrounded by the family problem, she had a lot of things going in her mind. With the help of her sister Sonu Kakkar and brother Tony Kakkar, she did many 'Mata ki Jagrans' and 'Mata ki Chowki' to earn money for her family so that they could at least feed themselves. They worked all night and hardly got enough for their work. 
She worked hard to balance her studies and work. She faced many problems. One fine day she got a call from Delhi who wanted Neha and her two siblings to perform there in a function. And to shift to Delhi, it needed a lot of money which they couldn't afford but still for the passion of Neha, her parents agreed and shifted to Delhi. In Delhi, she had to work for extra hours and her dad used to sell samosa in a small cart. Her life went on like this until one day she took the initiative to give the audition for a very famous reality show ‘INDIAN IDOL’. She stood in line for hours to give her audition and moved a step forward for her passion. She got selected as a contestant in the show. She went until the semifinal round but sadly got rejected. She couldn't win the show but gradually after a few years she got a call from a music composer. The composer wanted Neha Kakkar to sing a song for an upcoming movie. In this way, she finally launched her first song ‘Jawani’. Her song became very famous. And slowly she got many songs to record. 
Meanwhile, she and her sister Sonu Kakkar also sung a combine song for the movie ‘Queen’ which again was a hit. The title of the song was ‘London Thumakda.’
She recorded many songs like Dilbar, Saki-saki, Humsafar, Rock star, Kala Chasma and many more. Neha today has more than 100 songs which are very famous and are loved by all. Although her journey was full of problems and challenges, she kept on working hard. And today she judges many reality shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa,Little Champs and Indian Idol. Once she was a contestant, today she is the judge of the same reality show. 
Neha Kakkar today comes in the top artists in India and Asia. Her songs often hit millions of views. And her fans are known as ‘Ne Hearts’.

Biography of Indira Prasai

Prashan Maharjan 
Grade: X "E" 

Indira Prasai, known as the legendary person gave many literary works to Nepal. She wrote many poems and stories in different genres. Indira Prasai was born on 3rd Falgun, 2014 BS, in Darjeeling. Even though she spent her childhood in Darjeeling she lives in Kathmandu, Anamnagar. Her father was Ganesh Prasad Sharma and mother Durgadevi Nepal. She studied M.B.A in Tribhuwan University, Nepal.
Indira Prasai is one of the known literati of Nepal. She has literary works like writing a story, poem, novels, short poems, and biographies et cetera. She has good hand in writing about her thoughts. She has played a vital role in the literature of Nepal. 
She is wife, mother, woman, social worker, literati and many more. She writes on various diverse topics which is her speciality about writing. She has obtained all the knowledge through her career. 
She received many renowned awards like Yuba Barsa Moti Puraskar, Madan Puraskar, Rastriya Yuwa Pratibha Puraskar, Rastriya Gaurav Yuwasamman Puraskar, Deepjyoti Puraskar and many more awards.
We can get many inspirations from her works. She is always helping people as a social worker or writing books of our interest which develops the inner-thoughts of a person.

Dr. Sanduk Ruit 

Omraj Jha
Grade: IX 'A' 

Dr. Sanduk Ruit was born on 4th September, 1854 in Olangchung Gola, that lies in Taplejung district of Nepal. He was the 2nd son out of his parents' six children. His father was Sonam Ruit and his mother was Kesang Ruit. Ruit was born in one of the most remote areas of Nepal. Due to the lack of health facilities, he lost three of his siblings to simple diseases that could be cured with modern medicine. The death of his younger sister, Yangla had the most impact on him. After this, he was determined to become a doctor for the poor. 
The nearest school from Ruit's village was across the border in Darjeeling, India. He began his education at the age of 7 in St. Robert's High School. He later shifted to a school in Kathmandu and completed his school level education. He later completed his MBBS from King George's Medical College, Lucknow, India. His father ran a small business to provide for his education. Ruit mostly studied under scholarships. After completing his MBBS and working in Tripureshwor Eye Hospital for 3 years, he wanted to specialize in Ophthalmology and completed his MD from AIIMS, New Delhi, India. As he continued to work in Tripureshwar Eye Hospital, he met an Australian Ophthalmologist who offered him the chance to study more about cataract surgery. Ruit accepted the offer and they went on to develop Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS) with the use of intraocular lenses. This method was very affordable and cheap compared to the western method. With the help of this, Dr. Sanduk Ruit went on to treat more than 180,000 people in several countries across Asia and Africa. Most of them were from remote areas with no health facilities. He set-up makeshift surgery rooms and performed the surgeries, He gave people the ability to see again after several years. For this, he is known as the god of sight. He also set up Tilganga Research Center in Kathmandu. 
For his selfless service, he won awards such as Padmashree, Asian of the Year Award and many other awards. He made his country Nepal, known all over the world through his dedication and efforts. He is an inspiration, not only for health professionals and social workers, but for everyone. In 2020, he also received Janasewashree Award from the Government. He continues to serve the people as the eye surgeon. Likewise he is also dedicated in various social welfare programmes. 

Florence Nightingale

Oorja Joshi
Grade: IX 'D' 

Florence Nightingale was a generous lady. She was born in 1820. As a child, she was a very helpful person. Later, she grew up to become a well-known person and changed the hospital to - keep it clean. 
During her childhood, she loved to do and learnt many more new things. She used to get excellent grades during her schools and colleges. She passed many high-level examinations. Her ambition was to become a perfect nurse. And for this, she worked hard day by day and finally became a nurse. 
She became an inspiration and motivation to many people. She cared many patients and even established some of the important hospital regulations. 
She is also known as "The Lady with the lamp" as she used to care the injured soldiers during the World War -II every night with a lamp. She was a very helpful lady from the very beginning. 
Moreover, she has won many awards and was the first nurse in the world. Due to her generosity, her birth date is celebrated as international nurse’s day. 
She died in 1900's which was a very heartfelt thing to hear. However, she is still alive in our hearts. She taught us many things. And she stood up for women’s rights. We will never forget her kindness and generosity towards the world and us. 

Why is Participation Important?

Akshay Shah

Grade IX 'D'

"Imagine a classroom where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions. The best classrooms are those where everyone is engaged and participating. It's where knowledge becomes action, and where ideas come alive."

Participation in any activities plays animportant and valuable rolein learning. It is an opportunity to express our views and ideas. speaking in front of a group doesn't come easily to many of us and speaking up in class is a struggle for many students .it can be seen in a variety of ways like, not answering questions, not asking for help and even not talking in class at all. We always fear and avoid our self from participating in activities fearing about the embarrassment and sounding silly in front of others.

Participation and Interaction is needed in every classroom activity. It helps the teaching and learning process run smoothly .When students speak up in class, they learn to express their ideas andwhen they ask questions, they learn how to obtain information to enhance their knowledge and understanding. It is a very valuable learning tool for the students as well as the teachers. . Active class participation also improves creativity, improves our higher level thinking and even helps to boost up our self-confidence.

Apart from academics we should also participate in extracurricular activities.

Co-curricular activities in school refers to art, dance, music classes, sports, and quizzes etc. that take place during the day. In either case, participation helps students in emotional development, social skill development, and overall personality development.

Though we should participate in all sorts of activities,we have to maintain the balance of extra activities as well as academics.

A healthy balance of academics and extracurricular activities is key to a successful student life. Whereas an imbalance causes poor performance and can lead us to stress and anxiety.


"Participation may seem scary at first, but with the right approach, it can be a powerful tool for learning, personal growth, and community-building. By embracing participation and seeking out opportunities to contribute, we can make a positive impact on those around us and in our communities. It's time to step out of your comfort zone and start participating in your education, work, and life. The power is yours to take action and make a difference." "Participation is the key to human well-being. It is not just about being informed. It is about being involved. It is not just about watching, it is about playing an active part. It is not just about listening. It is about contributing and making a difference. It is about being a participant, not just a spectator, not just an outsider.

First Day after Online Class

Dear Lily,

It was my first day of school after online classes. I was in a new school and with new people. I was scared at first but thought it will go by.

When I reached school I was having trouble knowing not where my class was. There were two girls who helped me to find my classroom. I can't even remember their face or the name now. They were nice anyway.

When I entered the class, I was scared because everyone was staring at me. I didn't know what to do. So, I sat in one of the benches. Then the students stood up and came to me to have my introduction. They talked to me politely. I was moved with how they behaved. My previous school's people had never behaved in the way they had. They were very nice indeed.  You know most of them are still my very close friends, particularly the four who are my best friends now. It was in 7th grade and now I am in 9th.  It's been a long time, but I still recall the day when we were in the same class. It was one of my best days. I still miss that class. If I could go back to that day, I would go with no regret. It was the day when I truly understood the meaning of friendship. They had helped me when I was in need. I had no idea at all of the school and rules, and they backed me every time. I wish we all could be in the same class once again.

Bye, Lily

Keepa Maharjan

Class: IX 'B'

The Last Day of my German Youth Camp

Dear Diary

Today was a day full of emotions. The past few days which I spent with 71 unknown people from 21 different countries in an unknown, but now a memorable city of Frankfurt has now come to an end. Today was the last day of my German Youth Camp. My friends are probably still partying out, nudging each other in the lobby below but right now I am staring these memories so that I can cherish them forever.

Today was a day filled with cherishment of the past. We ate all our favourite dishes from past few days. Mime was ''pommes'' which translate into French fries but a little thicker one with chase sauce. We had cultural exchange, in which we gifted items to each other from our hometown. We sang our camp song throughout the streets of Frankfurt. We cried, laughed and hugged each other wondering if we will ever see each other- I wish today would never come to an end.


Vanshika  Agrawal

Class: XI 'B'

Standing as an Anchor at the Closing Ceremony of English Week, 2023

Dear Diary

I was the anchor for the English week's closing ceremony. Do you know how nervous I had gone? I was terribly nervous as often. After so long it was to face the biggest mass, and speaking in front of everyone in Buddha Hall, in front of the chief guest, parents, Principal Ma'am and teachers was really challenging.

Before the program, I had had a confidence that I would be able to do it, for I had been the host for many other programs held in the school but it was the one which had assembled so many people there.

The panic began right from the beginning. I felt an uncontrollable cough itching my throat and heard my organs moving. I could hear the food that I had eaten rattling my stomach, and feel my insertions moving. I didn't know when my eardrums would go blast and my heart would anytime come to my hands. It went on until there prevailed a silence. But after the programme had ended, I knew it was all worth it.

It taught me lots of things.

Thank you.

Nandini Rai

Class XI 'A'

A Visit to Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu

Dear Reader

It was a very eventful afternoon. I arrived at the destination with my family at about 2:45 pm. We had made a plan to visit Bhirkutimandav, theme park for quite a while now. By the time we arrived the park was almost crowded with people. However, it was not much surprising to us because it was a working day for the majority. We endured the silence as we headed on with the day.

In the beginning, we all agreed on meeting father after he had parked the car at a parking lot. After the meeting we headed towards the gate of the park and registered our names. We moved through the entry gate to be welcomed with many shops, stalls and games which we could experience. As it had been a long time since I had visited the park, I was kind of bummed out to see that many of the rides were under construction, under maintenance. All the same I chose to have a ride, a horse ride basically. I had rounds and round on the ride until I felt dizzy.

After an hour or so we headed to a restaurant nearby to have some snacks. Then we realized that the day was slowly coming to an end. 'It's time to go home,' said my father and we headed, tired just as if we had run through the entire world. I was quite happy and relieved. Although it was the shortest one, but the best experience I have ever got because I was with my family, we had a great fun. I wish to spend my time with my family once again.

With love

Manshi  IX 'F'


    A new Starting

Dear Diary,

Today was the first day back at school and it went well I guess. I had been imagining about how my first day would be. It didn't go as planned but at the end of the day it all came into place. Stepping inside of the school after about a month I had many emotions running through me. A half of me was excited to see my friends but the other half was anxious to see if I would be in the same section where the others used to be. I marched up the stairs with confidence and looked at the name list to see who my new classmates were. As I looked through the list I had a wave of emotions that hammered me hard. You see I was not with whom I wanted to be with. Like me some of my friends were sad not seeing my name in their list. I stood nonplussed wondering who would be my friend, who would I share my feelings with, homework with. Any way it was a fresh start again. Don't worry, I'll make a new friend to share my feelings, emotions, homework, etcetera and etcetera.

 Goodbye! See you next time.

Aarya KC.

Class: IX 'J'

Fresher Day Experiences

Dear Diary,

Today I am super excited. You might think it correct. Today I would like to share my ''fresher day experience" with you.  Well, it was held on June, 2023. You Know that I along with my batch mates had got gifts like bottle award kind of . I enjoyed a lot. I wish that I could capture all my views and memory in you with my pen. You won't believe me.

(Yet). I truly, had enjoyed a lot. It was true and lovely surprise given by Grade XII to XI students for welcoming us in the new phase of life. We ate yummy food like pasta, rice, and ice-cream.

You know I was too nervous to appear before new mates when we arrived at school. I was much tensed wondering how I was looking like. Soon we were taken to the college building where we had breakfast. Then we went to Buddha Hall and got some information related to the programmes.

The programme was hosted by The Head Girl. It was a true memory, as there was a band which gave us a surprise with a lovely melodious song. I joined the dance with my friends. It was the best programme I have attended so far. I still can't get over the day when I was myself a fresher.

It's all about today. I will keep sharing with you if I should have such refreshing moments again.

Good Night, Dear!

Tanisha Maskara

Grade XI 'D'

''A strange Incident''

Dear Diary,

I hope you did well today. And about me. Today was a pretty strange day. Let me tell you about it. Yesterday I had a pretty mundane dream. I saw as I walking to my house from school, a random boy came up to me and handed me a crumpled up letter and he magically just disappeared into thin air. But that was just a dream so it is understandable. However, the loop continued as today when I was coming to my house, a random boy stopped me at the road. He looked familiar with his crystal green eyes and brown messy hair. He started talking to me about my whereabouts. The way he was talking to me made me think as if he had met me before. I was too confused to ask him anything so I just casually replied to him. After a while, he pulled out a vintage looking letter from his pocket and handed it to me. The nostalgia of yesterday's dream hit me with a force. I looked up wide-eyed to ask him about it but to my surprise there was no one standing there. I looked around here and there but there was no sign of the sunny-haired boy. I clutched the letter in my hand and walked to my house in a daze. I kept the letter on my table and decided to read it later. After dinner I quickly, came to my room so that I could read the letter, but guess what?

The letter was not there! I tried searching for it everywhere but it was of no use. I finally gave up and now I'm sitting here writing this. Maybe all of this was just my imagination. Hmm.


Subhecha Patra

Grade IX 'H'

My first periodic results

Dear Diary,

Hi diary, how are you? And I'm totally fine doing here, it has been a long time I have not written to you, and you already know that I only share with you, some of my fun, specific or exciting whatever. And here I am with my topic '' My first periodic result day''. So here, I begin.

As you remember I had written to you in the past year (2022) when I was in Grade 8th and the topic was ''first periodic results''. I was pretty satisfied that I had got 3.54 GPA. But guess what I got in Grade 9 first periodic examination? It's 3.77 GPA. I was over the moon, to be honest. It was my first highest score. My family were proud of me. As I remember over the past Grade I promised myself to work hard. And honestly this time I did not try too hard but still got a 3.77. I was pretty surprised. You know that I only share these things to you, and on to others. And you know that I am flexing a bit. And I'm sorry about that. Anyway, I'll work hard in my future and get better scores.

With this I would like to end my writing here. And remember that I will share my every moment of joying to you. Take care.


Oorja Joshi

Grade  IX 'D'

What's Special Today?

Omraj Jha- IX A

Dear Diary,

Everything remained as usual today except for the morning assembly. You know today'smorning assembly was quite special. It was something we don't get to see so often.

The assembly conduction was done by our school's Sanskrit Club on the occasion of Sanskrit Diwas. So, the entire conduction was in Sanskrit— even the national and international news in Sanskrit, sports news in Sanskrit, special item in Sanskrit. Hearing all the students speaking Sanskrit so fluently was a moment of pride for the students and teachers alike. Yes, you could see it on their faces. All those Sanskrit compositions drove all my exhaustion away.

You may be wondering why I was already exhausted in that early morning. That's because I had woken up at 3' am to study for the upcoming tests which are starting right from tomorrow. Well, I was exhausted not because I didn't have enough sleep but because of the pressure of the next day's exam. I was to get a lot of things done though. I studied Samajik Shiksha, Science and a little bit of English as well Nepali. I must give consistency to my study routine to perform well in the exam. That's it for today.




A Nameless Traveler

Megha Thakur- IX 'J'

The distance is far, and the way is hard

But no stop or regret will be bought

There won't be a meal for someone to appeal

But if you start, no grief will you feel.


With each step you take, the distance will fall

And every time you try, you will cross another wall.

The sky is high, and the wind is strong

But is you stop, no relief will be brought.


The things that you see, could your dream it be,

The things that you want are ahead of this great sea.

The pain that you feel in your heart would you seal,

For the warmth that you want would the cold you feel.


The mountain you climb can feel endless and tall,

But the treasure you find would be greater than all.

The journey is harsh and the path is long

But the glory that you seek to you it would belong.


Looking back at time it is greatness you will find,

The value that you learnt and the trust that you earned

The story that they learn and the glory that you earned

The name that they search, a nameless traveler they learned


What is This Magic?

Dikshya Agrawal - X F

What is this, magic?

It's all full of tragic.

Sometimes everything feels so special,

But people here are really cruel.


Let's move to the city of dream,

Away from all the singing stream,

Alone dancing and running in the night street,

And giving you a sweet treat.


Let's try to love ourselves and create a new magic,

With this life comes a will all its logic,

What is this magic?

It feels so nostalgic.


The World is a Village

Cyrus Gahatraj – XII 'D'

The lines on the map lack true meaning

They simply help to show nations gleaming

The roads we once thought to travel along

Now visited without opening doors proving us wrong


All the species in the world have the gift to grow

Yet the world itself sinks low and low

It's not that past and present, sizes are not the same

But only to say, the world feels small and tame


In a sense it transforms to a global village

The farthest place also becomes the nearest

The world now has become more daring

As untraveled roads are open for traveling

As time decreases, the world turns to a village

Yet I implore, don't confine it within a village


Ode to Daylight

I see all with light, yet it is concealed

Invisible itself, its wonder revealed

Look each face with a single view

No twins found in daylight hue.


Darkness hide many lies we can't see,

And light conceals it quite cleverly,

Not only in day does darkness depart,

Same vanish too, under the moonlight art.


I have seen colors surrounding our days,

Colors seem colorless without mighty rays,

Some colors come slow wile others rush,

Complexities are only seen in daylight.


Embrace me with light and let darkness dissolve,

Dreams born in shadows let blindness involve,

In my verse I will capture it gleam,

A longing to see all daylight beam.



Boat in an ocean

Thirsty I, around water

But no, I can't drink


My Mind

My mind is like a raining cloud,

Whose water in a filled bowl.

My mind is like a lied stories,

Whose tales are made by imaginative glories.

My mind is like a forget soul,

That walks in a little river.

My mind is not only thought,

Because it is itself an influence people bought.








Aditi Mishra

Grade: IX 'F'

I wish I had a friend

Who is caring just like me,

I wish I had a friend

Who could help me in need.


By my side through thick and thin

Never leaving me alone,

Who is there for me through tough times,

 Even while I am at home.


It took me days

It took me nights

It took me several tests

To finally find;


A friend

Who is caring just like me,

A friend

Who could help me in need.


When I am sad

She is there to support me,

When I am mad

She makes me feel happy.


When I fail

She is there to motivate me,

When I am hurt

She is there to heal me.


I am thankful for all her graces,

And hope our friendship is endless.

A lonely deer

Supriti Shakya

Class: 9 ' E'


In the world of fears, there lived a deer,

All done, always in tears,

Nobody but the Birds in the air

Hungers were everywhere no wonder to save himself.

Nobody ever appeared, although there were tons of them

Leaving apart, from all he had,

Going through, the hardest part

Of his unfair life


One cold afternoon, he was nowhere to be seen,

Many thought, he was dead down the hill

Nobody thought, how heard he suffered,

Always going through, the dreadful path,

Wondering where he is

All alone, in some hell,

Disappeared out of sight

In heaven, rest in peace


Thank you



The Story of a Greedy Girl


Shuprashna Shrestha

Grade : 5 'F'


Once in a forest there lived a girl with her family. Her name was Sashi. She was greedy. She wanted to have what she liked and if she did not get it, she would cry. She would not give her belonging to anyone.

One days while Sashi was going to school with her friends, she saw a big bar of chocolates at top of the hill. Then she ran up instead of running to school.

As she was running the half way up, she got tired and sat there. From there the way was steep and difficult. She called her friends to go with her but no one listened to her. They said, "Sashi, you are greedy. You never give anything to anyone. We know you'll take all the chocolate bars."

Sashi began to cry because no one was with her. And it was when she realised that being greedy is not good. Meanwhile her mother, father and friends came down from the hills. Her mother said, "Sorry dear! Sorry for this trick!"

Actually it was her parents' plan to teach her a lesson. They had kept a lot of chocolate bars on top of the hill and asked Sashi's friends to act like that. 

From that day on Sashi was not greedy anymore.




Subhecha Patra


Thoughts are a silent prayer without words

 It can be sweet or sour just like pears

Thoughts give us the faith to fight

It gives us the motivation       

To do something right


My thoughts are like a mess sometimes,

Which is the reason for my sleepless nights,

But, also my thoughts help me to move forward,

When everything feels like giving up.


Thoughts are like a train that never stops

It keeps on moving even in the darkest sports

Thoughts can either give you the hope to fight

Or the tears that makes you cry

Thoughts are the reflection of you

So, be sure to never feel few





My Dog


Samikshya  Poudel

Class: 4 'E'


Oh' my Dog

O' my dog

O' my dog

You are my best friend.

You play with me,

You chase me,

But all the things you did doesn't matter.


Oh, my Dog

O' my dog

You are forever.

O' my dog

Oh' my Dog

I love you forever

My mother

Samah Jha

Grade: 4 'E'


My mom makes me feel loved,

She always cheers me up,

Sometimes I get angry,

But still she is my butter cup.


My mom is the best,

And she never ever rest,

She works hard day and night,

To make my future bright.


My dear mother,

You are so kind,

You gave me joy,

And peace of mind.


A Bad Memory

Reagan Baidya

Grade:  5 'D'


Out of all my six years attending this school, this is the memory that I remember the most.

It was when I was about six years old. I and my friends were playing in the school's playground. All the students of my class were running across the ground. Excited as I was I didn't notice who was standing beside me, and so, pinched the one standing on the left. I thought it was one of my friends but I was wrong. It was Manju Ma'am, my class teacher. As I knew it I got very nervous. But I didn't know what I should say. Ma'am also didn't say anything. I thought she didn't take it seriously. So, I started playing with my friend. 

We all went back to the classroom when the sports period was over.  The following was Arts period. Soon I join the class. The teacher gave us a task of drawing and I began to do it.

I was doing it keenly when a sister called me. She told me to go to Shanti Ma'am's office.

Shanti Ma'am was the coordinator, and she still is.

I was very scared then.

When I went into the office I saw Manju Ma'am. She was sitting in the sofa. She looked mad almost and was staring at me furiously. I thought she would scold me.

''Why did you pinch Manju Ma'am?'' asked Shanti Ma'am angrily as I stood before her.

"Sorry Ma'am! It was an accident. I didn't notice that it was Manju Ma'am. I thought it was my friends," I  said nervously, and apologized. Then Shanti Ma'am reminded me to be careful before I did something. Manju Ma'am too, cooled down and asked me to go back to the classroom. It was a bad memory I still become still nervous whenever I see Manju Ma'am. 


The Spaceship

Madhav Sah

Class: 9 'I'

It was 28th September. I was looking at the sky through my telescope. Do you know why I was gazing into the sky? Don't worry, I will tell you.

I had read in Science that planets come closer to the earth on 28th of September. Also I had read that it has a patch on its top. It has many spots on its surface that show that there was water on the planet long ago. But due to some unknown reasons all the waters vanished. It made me curious, and so, I was looking at the sky through my newly brought telescope.

As I was looking through my telescope, I saw something coming out from one of the spots. It was something strange— so strange that I kept looking and looking at it, yet unable to identify. It was looking like a spaceship my teacher had outlined. Still I was not sure. I called my parents to see it. But they too, were not able to identify it. Then we called an astronaut.

"Yes, it is. It is a spaceship," he said and soon started estimating how long it might take to come to the earth.

"Well, it will come here by tomorrow afternoon if it heads straight to the earth, or it may go somewhere else." he said biting his finger nail. "If it comes here" he added, "it may attack us."

What to do then?

We called the police. The police stayed alert and so did we. To our surprise the spaceship came closer to the earth exactly on time. As soon as it arrived, the police began to fire. And in reply the people, too, began to fire by marauding over us. It seemed they were searching for someone around there. Scared much I locked myself in the bedroom and crouched under the cot.

When I was coiling motionless, someone knocked at the door. I thought it was my father. I tiptoed to the door and opened it cautiously. Oh my God! it wasn't my father, and neither was it my mum.  What I saw was a green man with two antenna on his head. He was saying something.

First I was aback and he moved further. Then I stopped trying to understand what he was saying but could not at all. Lastly he gave me a pair of antenna and asked me to wear on. Scared yet I thought that it could be a trap. But I was wrong. The thing he had given me was the device to make me understand what he was saying. It was a translator.

"Help me, please," he said when I asked him what the matter was," and went on, "I, along with my friends came here to see the earth. But our parents don't know it coz we left home by not letting them know it. Why they have come here is to take us back home. Please tell them to stop firing.''

"Good heaven! But how…..how can I tell them to stop firing?"

I took the green man up to rooftop and shouted, "Stop firing! Stop firing! Thy have come here not for fighting! But for taking their children back home! Here comes one! You see here!"

Thank God! Firing stopped. The police apologized for not understanding the matter and the aliens compensated the damage caused due to the firing and they went back on the same spaceship.



Jigyasa Agrawal


Books are our mates

Don't ever be afraid of reading them,

They will always help you

Whenever there is a guest between any two.


Love and respect them

As they are the ones who lead you,

A life as bright as you

If you don't have any friends

Then make a book are of them.


You can share anything with them

And they will also share the knowledge they have

They will help you fight against

The cruel world outside, hiding

Then, you can face the fear hiding inside you


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A Visit to Sauraha

Aksat Shrestha

Class: 9 'E'

Roll No. 9202 (2)

Exploring Sauraha and its natural beauty was a part of our school trip. In this trip we, the students, were taken to visit Gorkha and Sauraha during winter vacation. It was at 8 am of December 28 when we started our journey with full excitement. We had a good time on the bus and enjoyed with our friends.

Our first destination was Gorkha where we got the opportunity to see the amazing art and architecture of the Gorkha Palace. Then we went to the Gorkha Museum. There we had a view of historic weapons and came to know a lot more about the history of Gorkha State.

We had our lunch at about 12. The food they served was very tasty and fresh. We clicked lots of photos and enjoyed much over there. Lastly we headed to Sauraha, our final destination in the evening. We stayed at a resort in Chitwan where we had a sound sleep in a cosy bed at night.

The next day, right after having breakfast we went to explore Chitwan National Park. It was really a wonderful sight. There were different kinds of wild animals like deer, rhinos, elephants, tigers etc. and various species of birds like parrots, peacocks. We became much more excited to see such beauty of nature. We enjoyed a lot there. Also we went to the elephant breeding centre. We saw many baby elephants. They looked cute. To give more details about elephants there was a guide who explained about their food habit, breeding and their behaviour. Besides this he told us about the importance of wildlife and their preservation.

Getting back from the National Park we visited the local markets as well as Tharu villages in Chitwan. We learned about their culture and tradition, and watched the famous Tharu dance in the evening.

 The next day, i. e. the last day of our trip, we went to a famous Bish Hajari Taal where we saw many crocodiles. We clicked several photographs of those amazing reptiles. Moreover, we liked the peaceful and beautiful environment of Bish Hajari Taal. I had never seen such a beautiful place before.

On the third day we ended our journey.  Passing through the scenic views of rivers, hills, and forest we got back to Kathmandu on twenty eighth December. We came to an end in school at around 4 p.m.







Aditi Thapa

Class: 5 A


Nature, Nature, Nature

Where lives so many creatures

It's full of happiness and joy

Where there are little girls and boys.


Wonderful butterfly and bees

Look at the beautiful waves of seas.

The sun is in the sky like gold

Looking at the rivers, and the ponds.


The sun is shining in the sky

Looking at the butterflies

The moon is shining in the night

No one wants to miss this sight


Nature, nature, nature

Where lives so many creatures

Nature looks really good

Every creature in their own mood.

Oh Gentle Spring  

Sanjeev Rai

Oh gentle spring, with your sweet fragrant breeze,

 You bring life and beauty to the earth.

The sun shines brighter; the sky is blue with ease,

 And flowers bloom with colours of great worth.

The birds they sing, a melodious tune,

A symphony of joy, they do create.

The grass is greener, we see no dune,

A peaceful scene, which nature did create.

The gentle rain, it washes all the past,

And brings new growth, and hope to all mankind.

 It's a time for love, that was meant to last,

And gives us strength, to face each day combined.

Oh gentle spring, you are a precious gem,

A gift from heaven, that shall forever a realm.

Top of Form


Bottom of Form



मिनोली कार्की,
कक्षा, सेक्सन

कमलमा बसेकी छिन
माता सरस्वती
एउटा हातमा किताव
एउटा हातमा बत्ती ।।

दुइटा हातमा वीणा
कस्तो राम्रो धुन
उनीले नै रचेकी हुन
यति मिठो धुन ।।

उनको धुन सुनेर
आए मयूर हाँस
सरस्वतीझैँ ज्ञानी होस्
भन्ने आमाको आस ।।

सरस्वतीलाई पूजा गर्ने
मेरो सबैँ इच्छा
जति सक्दो हाँसिल गर्ने
धेरै धेरै शिक्षा ।।

धन्यवाद !!!


पल्लभी खड्का
रातको बेला घुम्दै फिर्दै कहाँबाट यो आयो
सुटुक्क आई सबैको आँखामा यो छायो
झप्पझप्प पार्ने निद्रा भन्ने चिज यो कस्तो हो
अल्छी मानेर चुपलागि बस्ने मानिसको दशा हो ।।

पढाइको बेला यो निद्रा लागे सबै चिज बिग्रीहाल्छ
परिक्षमा लेख्न नसके अझैँ गाह्रो भैहाल्छ
यो कुरा सोच्छु तैपनि आँखामा निद्रा आइहाल्छ
फेरि सोच्छु तीन बजे पछि घर जान पाइहाल्छ


मेरो बुवा

प्रिन्सी यादव जी

मेरो कलिलो हातले मलाई अक्षर लेख्न सिकाउने
मेरो सानो पाँउले मलाई हिड्न सिकाउने
मेरो नाजुक ओठले मलाई प्रष्ट बोली बोल्न सिकाउने
संसारकै एक मात्र प्यारो व्यक्तिमेरो बुबा

आफ्नो सपनी छोडी मेरो सपनी पूरा गर्ने
वृक्ष जस्तै कडा तर चिसो सितल दिने
बालिका छँदा मलाई काखमा बोकी चन्द्रमा हेराउने
आज ठुलिहुदा मलाई सही मार्गमा ल्याउने ।।

छोरामात्र होइन छोरीलाई पनि खुुुला आसमानमा उड्न सिकाउने
आफू रमाउने समय जवानीमै त्यागेर सन्तान पाल्ने ।।
सानो छँदा मलाई खेलौना ल्याएर दिने तर आज
ठुली हुँदा सोही खेलौना जस्तै सम्हालेर राख्ने
सजिलो कहाँ दुनियाको सामु चरी जस्तै उड्न दिने ।।

बिरामी हुुँदा मिठो औषधी बनी आँउने
आखाँमा आसु होइन केबल शक्ति देखाउने ।।
हजुर बिना जीवन मेरो अन्धकार
हजुरको साथ पाउन पाएमा भगवानलाई करौडौँ सलाम ।।


Beautiful Eyes

Er. Santosh Shrestha- Senior School Teacher


There are certain things in this world so beautifully created that we cannot help but keep staring at them forever like The Moon, The stars and Her Eyes.

Her Eyes are pure like her soul. And just like her soul her eyes are always in a veil and if you are lucky actually really lucky, you'll get to see her eyes. Eyes so beautiful that it feels like God took shine from the Sun, Calmness from the sea and Purity from his Angles and kept it all together to finally create those eyes.

She talks less but her eyes have their own language and they always portray what is in her heart. Every time you look into those eyes, you'll see the innocence of her heart. When she looks at you with those eyes, she'll pierce right through your heart and you won't do anything but smile, A happy smile. Her beauty is seen through her eyes as they are the door way to her heart, the place where love resides.

Her eyes are an ocean in which her dreams are reflected. The first day I saw her eyes, I remember forgetting everything for a second and thinking one day I'll write something about these beautiful eyes. And here I am today writing about her eyes and thinking what do I adore more, Her or Her eyes.


There is a Way Out

Aishwarya Singh -X ‘I’

There is a way out

Yes, there is

But i am afraid

The path is too dark

Too dark to go through it

No one comes back to tell us about it

Because once you take it

There is no way out of it


Knowing you can escape from reality

Gives you hope

A hope to be free

Not to  experience pain

Not to experience bitterness

Not to experience hopelessness

Not to experience simply present

I know how it feels

I know you do too

Could it scare me?

Trishna Bansal  X “I”

It’s winter,

The garden is changing its attires

So do the leaves

Turning yellow, red  and falling near my feet

I hear people calling

From behind

Shooting and running on my way

Still I hear a voice

Shrilling and thrilling

Into the deep woods

Here the water begins to cool

No wonder where they are

Then I found my self-hypnotized

I walked on the cold floor

I awoke found myself on my bed

I still wonder

Was the laughter I hear?

Every day

cold enough,

to scare me up?

- Trishna Bansal  X “I”


 Siya Agarwal  XI 'B'

The tranquility of pain,

The world with sentiments

and the land with no glance

is the place where lies the change.


The depth of history,

the dark trench of mystery

is unknown to specimen


The splendor sphere,

the blue so vast and clear,

the green that arise the glare,

engraves an epic oceanic fear.




Visit to Chitwan

Aarya Mishra- Grade X

Exploring Chitwan and its natural beauty was a part of our trip. Students studying Sanskrit from Grades VIII to X were taken to the beautiful place named Devghat. It lies between Chitwan and Tanahu. We started our journey at 8 a.m. on November 11, crossing the bridges, roads, rivers, and hills. We had a good time on the bus and met new people.

Our first destination was Shashwotdham, where we got the opportunity to explore the architect of the temple and the museum. Then, we went to the gurukul, which was our main destination. gurukul was just beyond our expectations. What we thought was different from what we experienced. It was quite big, with small buildings, and at the temple at the center, we met the people of gurukul and found them and their rituals different than the rest of the world. The food given over there was very unique, had a different taste, and was healthy. We were given a comfortable bed to sleep in, and the gurukul people treated us very properly and without any fault.

The next day, we went on a deeper exploration of the gurukul, learning about its daily activities, rules, and regulations. We even went to jungles, temples, caves, and rivers. We were allowed to play near the river and had no restrictions from the teachers. We touched and sprinkled the water of Trishuli and Kaligandaki. We clicked many photos and enjoyed the natural views of Chitwan.

Later, we trod on the suspension bridge, which itself was a kind of ride, and we crossed the bridge running through it that was above the Trishuli River. Then, we went back to the gurukul on foot, walked past through the jungle and forest.

The next day was the last day of our trip, where we went to watch the wonderful waterfall passing through the hills. We played with the water, slipped and jumped over it, and clicked many amazing photos. We again ended our journey by bus, passing through Trishuli, Narayani, and Bagmati. On November 14, we came to an end in school at 3:30 p.m. 


जिन्दगी जिउँछु म जिएर

अनिता अधिकारी


जिन्दगीको गोरेटोमा उकाली ओराली गर्दागर्दै

जिउनको लागि सङ्घर्ष गर्दागर्दै

थाहै नपाई कति चोटि मरेछु

मृत अवस्थामा रही बाँचेको भ्रममा परेछु


भोलिको संसार सजाउने रहरमा

हिँडेछु कति काँडैकाँडामा

भूत भविष्यको सँघारमा अल्झिएर

माया मोहको सञ्जालमा बेरिएर


पिएर प्रत्येक विषको प्यालालाई

छिचोलेर औँसीको रातलाई

बनाउँछु जीवन पूर्णिमाको रात झैँ

दियोमा बलेको अखण्ड बत्ती झैँ


वर्तमान सिङ्गो जीवन जिउँछु

काँडाको बिच सुन्दर फूल फुलाउँछु

भविष्यमा होइन वर्तमानमा जिउँछु

मरेर होइन जीवन जिएर जिउँछु ।।

God of the Sky

Nepal is well-known for its temples and historical sites. We can find many temples inside the Kathmandu valley. While roaming around the Basantapur area, my eyes are often fixed on one temple, Aakash Bhairav located in Indra Chowk. I wanted to know about this temple as it is regarded as the God of the Sky or the Temple of Heaven.

According to the Newari culture, we call him "Aaju.". It was said that Yalamber's head was established in the valley as the giant face of Akash Bhairab. It is one of the different forms of Bhairava. According to the Mahabharat, Lord Krishna chopped off the head of Yalamber and dug inside Tek Dovan, presently called Indra Chowk. After that, the head transformed into stone itself, as we see it nowadays.

The giant head of Bhairab is taken outside once a year on the occasion of  "Yenya" festival and blessed by the Kumari during Indra Jatra. During the ceremony, a large number of worshippers come to visit the temple and offer Pedas. People believe that starting a new business with the blessings of Akash Bhairab is a good idea.

A total of 23 important Pujas are done for the divinity all over the year, and different feasts are organized in the temple itself. Special worshipping and celebrations are done during Shivaratri, Fagu Purnima, Indra Jatra, and Kumari Jatra. It's a very magnificent temple to visit and get blessings from if you are around Indra Chowk.

The Costliest Celebration

I am in bed now, staring into a pitch dark bed room. I try hard to pull a usual sound sleep. But the harder I close the eyes, the more luminous the incident appears. It had happened at school today at early morning and it is reflecting like the changing scenes of a feature film.

"They had arrived before I was summoned to the Principal's office, my parents had! They were sitting side by side on the sofa and hearing the Principal say we are sorry to say…….something like that. Their faces were a sight to see actually mom gazing on her own navel and dad, staring at the Principal's face with a hope that he would be kind enough to forgive the blunder. But the Principal was firmly sticking to what he had decided.  Beside the Principal were the Discipline In charge, Vice Principal and the Academic In charge, all staring at me with big bulging eyes that had nothing but mounting anger. I was asked to stand before the Principal as soon as I got into the office. And it was when they showered a series of questions why, how, where, when, how many and so on. I had no answer at all of them, however. All I could do was to shed salty tears and seeing only a darkened future looming over to me.  Finally the discipline committee reached to the conclusion that I would have to stay at home and have a self-study till the board exams."

"No friends to talk to, no teacher to help out! How can I prepare for the board exam, by God?" My heart turned cold and the mind blank. I saw the entire room spinning  on its own axis.

"My father, on hearing, swung out of the office and went straight to his Land Rover that had been parked in a school's parking lot. Mother, with a pale blue face, followed him, and dragging myself I walked behind her. Both of them spoke no word until we reached home.

"I admit that it was my fault." I wipe my tear rolling down onto the pillow and let a gush of hot air blow out.

"I know going out in the school uniform and drinking and smoking which, as a school rule, is quite offensive. But none of them understood that I was bound to give a company to my classmates.  It was Bharat's birthday and they had made a special plan to mark it somewhere in a restaurant. Yes, I had refused to go with them first, explaining the consequence it might cause. I had sustained it until Arati spoke. She said that I would be out of friendship if I didn't go with them. What would you do if a pretty girl like Arati said so? Tell me what?" I take a turn and pillow my own arm.

"I know there is the Principal to administer, there are teachers to teach, discipline committee to deal with the disciplinary issues. And I know for sure who is who but don't know who looks after what the students do beyond school. Had I known it I wouldn't have ventured to go with them."

"No, no," I bite the finger nail and think over it again. "Yeah, there's someone to relay the message from the restaurant to the school. Who could it be? A well-wisher to the school? Or someone who is trying to take a revenge with anyone of the five? Yes, it could be a parent of any other fellow who was not with us. Maybe it was Shankar who often time launches a complaint against fellow mates, we know and therefore call him a spy. Anyway, let me not talk of who it was. The bread has already fallen on its buttered side."

I hear a stray dog barking in the street and lend the ear to it for a while.

"What more did we do there except having him cut the cake?" I find myself innocent again. "What more? We had just had a block of pizza, some spaghetti, kima noodles and a bottle of beer each. Just that. I had smoked for the first time in my life, not willingly of course, but with insistence. I did it just to keep the company. It was trifle indeed to suspend the students, not of average kind but one of the brighter ones. They know I always fall in GPA 4 category, win each competition I participate and win the medals and prizes in inter school speech competition. They should have forgiven me if not others."

My chest swells a bit recalling my own success but at the same time sinks down when the sense of discipline overrules. "Are the rules made in heaven, I mean, not to be broken at any cost? Some say rules are made to be broken. Are they right?"

I recall the discipline in charge once say about the rules and their breach.

"Oh, no! If all begin to break the rule, the world will go anarchic. Yeah, it is likely. Okay, let's suppose I am forgiven. What about the rest? Aren't they to be forgiven? If the school keeps forgiving all sorts of offences, could it run smooth? All alike be it a brighter or a bloomer, should abide by the rule, or else all by nature tend to break it. The school, in this regard is right, yes, cent percent right to suspend us. The rascals like us should be punished."

A sort of relief cools me down.

"But what if I secure just C+?" A hot bubble of wave rises its head again, "What if I won't be what my parents want to make me? What if my father will never be speaking to me? What if my friend forget me forever? If so, I won't have any other choice except……….. What if Arati goes away from us? Oh, shit! What a costliest celebration it was!"

A big lump sticks across my throat and I feel choked somehow. And it is when I hear some knocks not in a couple but repeated ones at the door. With them there follows an urgent call, "Are you okay, dear?"

It is mom calling me with her lungs out.

-Bir Singh

2nd November, 2022




Autumn Glory

Sanjeev Rai

I oft wait for autumn with little desperate

The placid wind comfort me till the dawn

The crispy leaves I tread on till short a date

Another colourful leaves shine on the lawn.


Autumnal flowers and leaves welcome the winter

My serene mood finds the rhapsodic way

Then I admiringly look at the hills yonder

Autumn colourful leaves longing to tread on the alley.


The faint autumn sun still wraps me warm

My life and nature harmonize willingly

Though the last day of autumn coldness conform

Homebound I go disdainful and unwittingly.


Hopes of autumn glory that continues and eternal

I am ready for the winter cold long hibernal.


Thursday Assembly Speech

Muskan Poddar – X 'I'

Imagine, a world of prefect people. A world where everyone is perfect and doesn’t make any mistake. Basically wouldn’t that world be boring as humans would be just working like robots and most importantly there would be no experiments, no creation, and no mistakes. So, basically even mistakes are important. Isn’t that great?

By the way a very good morning to one and all present here. Today I Muskan Poddar am here to present the special item of this morning. So, I am going to leave the job of deciding the topic of my special item on your shoulders. Fine, let’s talk about something that’s trending.

Have you all heard the thought ‘’be yourself’’?  How many of you agree with this thought? Can you all just please raise your hand? Alright. Well, if you ask me. I don’t agree with being myself because I can be better or what it yourself is someone who is a looser, lazy, depressed person, one who doesn’t earn, is a bad person, then why to be yourself? I think me should always who is successful, smart, achiever, but basically we should always try to be better as we are never the best. I myself have figured out many thigs like initially my thoughts were different but gradually now they have changed as I rethink them. So, basically it’s about experience and moving towards best not about being yourself but being one whom you want to be. And in this process we obviously will have to face many ups and downs and mistakes to happen are for sure. Let me shove a story with you.

Once Albert Einstein had been teaching his class. So, he wrote on board 9 times 1 equals 9, 9 times 10 equals 91. The class broke out laughter. Einstein waited for everyone to stop laughing and said despite he wrote correct answer 9 times no one congratulated him but when he made 1 single mistake, he was pointed out and made fun of so, the reminder to you of today is even the person is successful, society’s work will be pointing out mistakes, remember your nose is located just above  your mouth but if u don’t brush your teeth for 3 days, your nose won’t tell you that u hunt brushed but the people around you will, thus, society will always point out other’s mistakes but the one who realises own mistakes is the one who brings change.

We must remember that mistakes are a part of beautiful journey to success as Einstein once said, ‘’ the only person who doesn’t make any mistake is the one who does nothing’’ thus, make mistakes and learn from them, learn from every single mistake. Accept your mistakes. Make mistakes. It’sperfectly normal, do not  try to be the ‘’perfect person’’ as no one can ever be, People love to see successful stories but most of the success stories succeed due to failures/ mistakes. Thus, learn from mistake and nobody is perfect. We must learn to fight and prepare ourselves for any situations. Let me share another story of vulture.  Culture can survive till 70 years. At age of 30, it faces a challenge. Its nails bend, wings become heavy, beak bends which disallows it to fly, hunt etc. now, it has 2 choices: fight or die, so, it goes into a process of 90 days where it breaks its nails and wings though it pains, blood flows but it comes back with new wings, nails, beak and then lives peacefully for next 40 yrs. Thus, we too need reframing capability in our life to deal with various situations.

At the end, I would like to share an ancient proverb which says:

‘’ I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet. ‘’ I repeat it shows that it is so easy to magnify blessings we all have to be so very grateful for.

Now, I would like to conclude my speech saying, 'sometimes God doesn’t give you what you want, not because you don’t deserve it but because you deserve better.’

This is Muskan Poddar signing off. Thank you!


 Ashutosh Jha- X 'I'


Tick tock tick tock

You watch the clock

Try to work

You pull the lock.

Seconds turns minutes

Minutes turn hours

 A million death shower

Chest turn sour .

Turn to side

Read your mind

Eyes go blind

Hate your own kind.

Night refuses to pass

Cries judge your class

Words lose their mass

Long for a touch of glass.

Norma you’d wish be

Wishes some would see

There is nothing for me

Need the end to set me free.

Tick tock tick tock

You watch the clock

The night never leaves

I won’t too

Because I am you.




Acrostic Poems    

 -Princy Yadav- IX ‘G’


S – serious about you

I – inspires you

S – stands on your side

T – tries to make you smile

E – encourages you often

R – respects your feelings


B – blows you mind as deep as you go

O – organizes one to move ahead

O – open you window to the world

K – key to your success

S – sets you to a perfect life


Tuesday Night

  Lepcha, Jonah- (English Language Teacher)


It was the middle of a cold, wintry night. The night had been lovingly embraced by a peaceful silence. And a variety of insects, moths, maggots and flies, were humming around a lone electric bulb.

Suddenly, a colony of vampire bats overpowered both the insects and the electric bulb. The bats completely darkened the once-lighted place. The bats began eating and sucking the juicy insects, maggots, moths and flies. And in the twinkling of an eye, they disappeared then and there.

A minute of complete silence passed without any trace of any life.

Suddenly, a lone gorilla-sized man’s shadow passed an electric pole at the speed of a cannonball. After a minute or so, the electric pole violently started to dance back and forth as if a big invisible giant was tossing it in the air.

The furious movement of the pole did not stop there. The electric wires started to snap all of a sudden. It started to blink. And in one final flash of the electric bulb, a man appeared.

The man was hairy all over his body. The man was drunk on blood. Its hands and feet had sharp black claws. Its face was completely covered with dense long hair smudged with hot blood. Its eyes were red-shot. Its nostrils were breathing hot vaporous air, spattering fresh blood mixed with hot sweat. And the mouth was still seen with dripping blood.

Sanket was the lone witness to these cold, haunting activities on his smartphone.

To be continued in the following blog...

My Best friend by

Dikshya Agrawal (9 F)

Before you came to my life, I was all alone,

After you came, my life became best overblown

Our friendship was totally unexpected

Now, we are heart to heart connected

You never let me fall

You came in my every call

You stood with me in my every failure

And taught me to deal with that failure

I hope our friendship remain strong

And I believe, we never go wrong

Thank you for standing by me in my hard time

And help me smile all the time

You are very special to me

So, never cry when you don’t find me.

Hasti and Her Promise

Muskan Barai (VIII 'D')

Long ago, there was a girl who was studying in class 6. Her name was Hasti. Hasti was a better listener than a writer, which is why all her notes used to be incomplete, although she could understand everything that her teachers taught her. Her school life was full of fun.  The most precious part of her school life was her very favourite teacher Mr. Sanjay, her science teacher.

Hasti used to like him because he cared for his students and helped them to understand the topic well. He was an inspiration to many.

One fine morning, Hasti received the syllabus of the upcoming exam. She knew that her notes were incomplete but still she was tension free because she had learned every single topic by heart. She was confident about her exams. But, as it is correctly said, “Every gain follows with a Loss”; Hasti became over confident.

She didn't revise or even touch her books. She became so over confident that she went up to Mr. Sanjay and said "Sir, I promise to top the science exam this time.” He replied smilingly "Ha-ha, okay!” Soon the exams began. Hasti actually managed to write all the answers without preparing much. Then came the day before her science exam, she was busy fantasizing about how happy she would be when Mr. Sanjay would appreciate her for topping the exam. She wasted a lot of time on this. It was already 8 in the evening, so she couldn’t prepare much.  

Finally, it was the day when she sat down to take her science exam, she knew all the answers but surprisingly, and she made mistakes while writing them. Due to her over confidence, she didn’t check her paper even once before submitting. 

Soon, Mr. Sanjay checked her paper; she had done well. Despite that, two marks had been deducted and Hasti unfortunately did not top the exam. However, she was ranked second. She was ashamed and felt guilty about everything. She again went up to Mr. Sanjay and expressed her apology saying, “Sir, i received my report card just now and I have failed to top the exam. I am so sorry; I’ll try my best next time?”

Mr. Sanjay replied calmly, “Congratulations! Your results are excellent, even better than before; I know you’ll make more progress next time.” Hasti said, “You made my day, sir”, he replied, “And you’ve made mine too, congratulations once again!” 

Hastirealized that she had to stop being over confident. She started studying with proper alertness so she topped the other science exam as she had promised to Mr. Sanjay. 





The Season's love


Swikar Rana Magar10 'D'

Every Spring I see the birds flock around,

Trying to find whole grains to feed their love on ground

Every morning, they sing the song of spring love

Hoping to see the ever green summer grove.


The summer arrives with loads of joy

The kids in the playground playing with their toy,

Happiness shines in the face of everyone here

May summer leave goodness forever and ever here.


The withering of leaves starts

Day shortens and painters paint their art,

Crispy leaf and red, brown coloured hue

The burning of summer woods brings home a few.


The cold winter arrives with thick far of shoes

People cherish the livelihood with comfort and loose,

A hot cupo of coffee with cinnamon sticks

Hope spring again shall bring the flowers of beautiful silks.


The One Who Follows Me!


Snigdha Khadka 12 ‘E’

“Good Morning, students, get ready for today’s morning prayers!” “All the students may disperse, now.”

Everyday, this is how all my mornings begin. It’s the routine of my 16 years old life and as a relatively high-school girl, my mornings have always been ordinary until I saw her. I don’t remember where or when I saw her first but her existence had shaken up tiny world limited to my home and school.

Tall and lanky, she has fair colour and has longer hair. From my bedroom to the library, from the library to the bathroom, she is present everywhere. Once, she crossed all her limits of outrageousness. She appeared when I was hanging out with my friends. She is the pain in the neck. Her painful existence ruined my day and for a long time, I couldn’t forget her and her haughtiness.

Recently, I have been seeing her more, I see her in my overweight body, my awkward smile, my frizzy hair and flabby arms. She becomes more apparent in the mirror. Suddenly, I realized she is me! Seeing her makes me unhappy, I am repulsed by my own sight. I wonder how many young girls and boys like are haunted by their own shadows.


Life is Beautiful

Shristi Yadav Class 6 'A'

I dream of life

This life is so beautiful

Everything is so beautiful about life

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life,

Life becomes easier

When you learn to

Accept the apology

You never try to,

Life is colourful

Life a rainbow

Rain and sun

Come together in your life


Life is too short to cry

If you try to find mirth, you

Can make it longer

A life full of joy.


Why you should be self-motivated?


Shakshi Kedia XII E


Self-motivation seems a word that we hear quite often nowadays. Of course, there are some days when you feel like getting out of bed is a hard task. When you might think that this is just some negligible kind of situation but it's a very important issue. Self-motivation is the reason you do what you do. In the era or the world, we live in it would be absurd to be depended on anybody. This world has become a race or more like a cycle. Self-motivation is what helps you be on yourself not be depended on anybody. Believe me when I say this if you are self-motivated, if your goal is set right in front of you, if you are not letting the negative energy effect you, this life that seems like a race for other people may not be the same for you. We all have heard the phrase ''you are your critic.'' Sometimes we judge ourselves so harsh that we don't think that it's becoming more like a habit to us. Do you criticize your friends, just as the same way you do yourself? The answer would be no, obviously we care about their feeling and wouldn't want to demotivate them. So, why to be so harsh on yourself. Try looking at the positive things, what you can achieve, small celebrations.

In your life the only person who is going to stay with you is yourself. I know that it makes most people sad, but it is the truth. You might feel motivated one day and the other days might feel worse. This is all part of your journey, you are your own coach and you can figure things out one by one. It may be a cliché thing to say but music can really lift or calm your soul. The days when you are feeling demotivated, or just got your exam results, try listening to music. It helps to calm us and think about what should be our next step, how to rectify the mistake we just did rather than making a harsh decision and regretting later. 


Newari Food


Prajain Kaji Maharjan

Class 2 ‘C’


The very popular Newari food is also known as Newa Cuisine or Newari delicacy by Nepali locals. It is one of the most popular foods in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu valley, i.e. Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Kirtipur and Bhaktapur. It has more than 1200 varieties of dishes. Traditional Nepali cuisine has always been famous all over Nepal. The main famous foods are Newarikhaja set, yomri, chhoila, quati, samaybaji, chatamari, bara etc.


My Unexpected Special Best Friends


Paridhi Sarawagi  X “F”


Thank you for being nice.

For helping me out with your silly advice.

For being with me in my hard times,

And for making me cry sometimes.


The first time I saw you,

I was not interested in knowing you,

Our friendship was unexpected,

But now, we are connected,


I have never met a great person like you,

I find myself really lucky to have you,

I hope we will never get apart,

And you will always be in my heart.


People may not understand you,

For they don't know the real you,

But don't fall off your track,

‘Cause you will always have my back.


Always remember, I am there for you to lean on,

A shoulder for you to cry on,

An ear to listen all your pathos,

And a brain to cheer your egos.

I hope our friendship always remains very strong,

And we never go wrong.

I can't tell how special. You are to me,

And I assure you won’t miss me!


The Beauty of a Butterfly


Nidhi Das  4 'C'

Once upon a time, there lived a family and in that family there were four members. Mother’s name was Krisha, Father's name was Ragav, big sister's name was Ruby and younger brother's name was Chandra. Chandra and his big sister Ruby loved insects especially butterfly. Their most favorite was red, yellow and white butterfly.

One day they were going to the park and a pink and white butter fly came flying near Chandra. It was small but very pretty. Chandra said happily ''Wow! It is very beautiful, I must take it home''. On the other side, his sister Ruby also found a big black and white dotted butterfly. She said '' I like the pattern and colour, I must take this home''. And both arrived at home and they showed each other their butterflies and they also showed it to their mother. She said '' Wow! You've done a great job!!.”

And they clicked the photos of the butterflies and they sent them to the museum.




My Father   - Mahika Yadav  VIII ‘D’

My father's name is Ram LalanYadav. He is Forty years old. He is veterinary doctor and government employee. He is tall, smart and laborious as well. He has white and black hair and brown eyes. My father loves me very much. Like every child's hero, my dad is my real hero in the world. I think without my dad I am nothing and he is the one who taught me everything. I love him very much.

My father is the head of family. Well it’s not true in every student’s diary or any form we write father is the head of family but the actual head of family is our mother I feel this is 80% true. My father doesn’t stay with us in Kathmandu as he lives at Solukhumbu. I miss him so much.

I am really proud of my father and I will make sure that one day he will also be proud to see me as his brave daughter. He is always ready to help others. He never thinks of himself. He only thinks of others. He wants me to study with a scholarship but I will try my best to do as he advises and be a good daughter. When he is at leisure, he tells us funny and interesting stories. I like to listen to him. I make sure to spend a lot of time with him. I will not do such kind of work to disappoint him. That's all about my dad; I can't describe more of him as I have no words to describe him and his kindness. He is such an excellent son to his parents. He is from a small a village but he has done a lot for everyone and shows that nothing is impossible. If you are willing to do something, you can just give it a try and don't give up, he suggests.

Whenever I go to village to see my grandma, she always tells me about my dad’s past; how hardworking he was and he never learned to give up. I also want to be like him one day. For me my whole world is my dad. My world starts with him and ends with him. Love you so much dad! Thank you for your every single support in my life, without you my life is incomplete.


Teenager Anxieties and Insecurities!


Name: Ishani Baral

Class: 8 'B'


As I am going through my adolescence or teenage period I can say that this period is the most sensitive among all. It changes us mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s the period where we need to deal with lot of changes and build ourselves strong.

This is the period where we need someone to listen to us. If we have someone to rely on like parents who completely understand their children's situation and are supportive that would be very beneficial to any child. But it takes time for us to open and talk about our issues and anxieties. At this phase we turn into introvert and some into extrovert. We don’t speak up easily due to lack of confidence. We overthink and even small actions can bring disappointment on our face. It's not the age which is dangerous but it’s the age in which we should help ourselves and control our emotions and also lead life on the right track.

      During teenage period, we often get offended since they don’t understand our emotions; despite that they compare us to others indifferently, therefore we have to deal with such a huge pressure. We need understanding parents, teachers and friends. Some people bully others which directly affect our mental condition even. We easily get annoyed and perhaps feel miserable.

People should understand and know how to deal with us rather than yelling at us and making our esteem low. We all need to work on ourselves. We shouldn't step out from our family rather than believing on friend’s side. And parents are also responsible for being the great bridge of communication with the people around us. This is what I feel nowadays how teenagers are going through and I feel, your support can play a huge role to make a big impact on us. 








Live on the Radio

Erika Prajapati   - X ‘A’

I visit many places, but some of them provide unforgettable experiences and leave an evident mark to relive on. I have also visited many places but a memorable one for me is my visit to the radio station. As someone who loves listening podcasts, I had always dreamt of being interviewed on the radio. I always aspire to visit the radio station as a guest. This dream got fulfilled when I got the wonderful privilege to be interviewed for a live programme on Radio Kantipur. Just few days prior to the huge day, I got informed by my teacher that I had been selected along with some of my other friends for the programme. The program 'Children's Club' I learnt that it was a weekly programme broadcasted on Radio Kantipur 96.1 MHz where children are interviewed by the programme presenter, MsPriyankaPrasai.

I was really excited for the same, my happiness knew no bounds. This was something unprecedented for me. On the day of interview, I, along with Arika, Samik and Shin Niu went into the radio station. Since, it was big day, our parents had been invited and they accompanied us. The building of Radio Kantipur situated at Pulchowk was big and clean. I went to the recording room which was organized after the presenter instructed us. The programme was going on air live at 5 p.m. The programme began shortly. I was slightly nervous at the beginning but the fun-filled environment of the recording room removed all my fear, and we had talks about our hobbies, school and many more interesting thing. The interview was so much joyful that I didn't even realize how fast the one-hour slipped through my finger. It was fantastic and I experienced a lot. This experience also boosted my self-confidence and inspired me. The visit to the radio was more than just a visit, it was an emotion incapable of being explained in words but here I tried my level best in doing that.


Did you get  A+ ?

Elina Jha XI 'A'

Did you get A+ ?

This question creates a lot of fuss.

If you did, you are great, congratsl

If you didn't, you are termed as lazy cats.


Marks don’t determine your future,

If just helps your life venture.

These words are well known lectures,

But honestly they seem useless conjectures.


Grades are really necessary,

But they don't secure your life is vagary

So remember knowledge is primary

That’s what will help you in contemporary.


If you don't score high,

You don't have to be shy,

But once ask yourself why

And next time give it a better try.



Daily Diary Writing


Dikshya Agrawal – IX ‘F’

Dear Diary,

That play was awesome. I will never forget the play, my first getaway with friends. That was so fun, the best day of my life. We went to watch movie and have fun that day. There were many of my friends. My close friend Juhi also accompanied me. With her I enjoyed a lot. There were few girls and few boys. We went to see 'RRR' movie. The movie was great. The good thing was I had already watched the movie earlier and I was telling them about all the scenes. Then after the movie we just roamed and enjoyed a short walk in the mall. Then we went to a café 'Bella Vista' at Basantapur. We first ordered some cold drinks. Telling the truth we didn't like the juice at all, I mean the juice cost more than hundred but it was more like 20 Rs. litchi juice. But we ate, drank and enjoyed a lot. We sang and we all pranked our friends. This was very awesome and I assumed it was more like that of a play.

Thank you! 

Broken Wings

Ashutosh Jha X ‘I’

Like a string,

Somebody pulls and you fume,

You lay lost in the sandy dune.

Fall head-first on the ground,

Broken thoughts don't make a sound,

Flying too long to be free,

The wall of time you did not see.

You want a world of angel and fairy

It's too bad all you have is a blurred memory,

Your life was a tune and you were a bard,

Lived all of it safe and didn't try hard

 Lay you dying bird,

Lay underneath the sky,

For a bird with broken wings,

Can never fly.




The last apocalypse

Astha Thakur X D

The land is collapsing,

The sun is elapsing,

Tall buildings are wrecking

With the existence of earth shaking.


I see no presence of nature’s grandeur,

All due to human's hauteur.

For the first time, the humankind looks upset,

Experiencing its last sunset.


The sea tide is beyond its limit,

With beings struggling for life every minute.

Everything I can find are just dead trees,

With no sight of even tiny creatures like bees.


I find no corner without pollution,

With us delayed to bring out the implicit solution!

Humans who cause nature, the malady,

Are into the deepest tragedy!


Understanding the Dream: Superstition to Constructive Diversion

Niharika Rana- Grade IX A

I have never met any people by this time who has told me they have not dreamt yet. This is to generalize that all people have a dream.  Some people experience a weird or horror dreams while other experience common dreams.  What so ever, our dream tells a lot of things about our mental and psychological conditions of the brain.

One day, I came across a very strange dream where I was trying to rise up on the ladder and were unable to get on the top. I was sweating hard, repeatedly falling and rising from the ladder while going upstairs. All of sudden, I woke up and was confused whether it was a dream or real happening. When I came to know that it was dream, I tried to connect the dream with my present situation and made interpretation that rising in the ladder was related with attempting to achieve the highest grade where as falling implies failures. Now I was clear that I had to work hard more to get the best results.

I also experienced another very weird dream where mysterious manor sneaked in my room. It was holding a knife in his gloved hands. He slowly approached towards me as if he was trying to chop my head with knife but because of my defensiveness he hurt near the check and vanished from the scene. The blood gushed down from my cheek. Something unexpected happened with this horror dream scene. I suddenly wake up with a courage and determination to find the monster and identified the conditions of wound in the dream. This is an endurance to face all the consequences that I had to face to save myself.

 If someone had dreamt similar to my dream, we should not end up by linking dreams with some negative thoughts.  Instead of linking the dreams with superstitious believes, we should learn to interpret our dreams for some productive changes which could bring some benefits in the life.

Science Center was Fabulous with Learning and Fun

Hriday Agrawal

Grade: IX 'G'

In my opinion, learning inside classroom is just 50% of education, other 50% learning has been believed to be attained by doing. We DAVians are fortunate not only to get education in such holy organization but we can theorize now. Our school took us to the "Science Simulation Center" to bolster interest in the science. On 19th of July, 2019, around 150 students from classes 5 to 10 were taken to this center. The center was fabulous with learning and fun. All the students were taken to different branches of Science Simulation Center like, robotics, physics lab, astronomy lab, and so on where we learnt about various tools and got opportunity to learn daily life concept. All the instructors and teachers were very friendly and understanding. The most interesting part of this tour was to see a real human robot which can dance, talks, walk etc. I would like to thank the Science Department for organizing this fun-filled learning tour.

Yoga Excursion at Shri Arvinda Yog Mandir

Jyoti Agrawal –Grade VIII ‘F’

I, Jyoti Agrawal from Grade VIII 'F', am sharing my experience of yoga excursion organized by our school. When I was informed that I was going to a yoga excursion in Thankot at the bottom of Chandragiri hill, I was very much excited for the yoga excursion. That day, when I reached school, the bus was alreadyto take us. It took about half an hour to reach the destination. Sooner we reached there, we saw a big board of Shri Arvinda Yog Mandir. The founder of that Aashram was Ram Chandra Daswelcomed us. We were guided by the staff of the Ashram. At first, we went to an octagonal shape building and we went to a cowshed in which we found several cows. In the Aashram, more than 250 orphans where provided free education and hostel. Fruit, vegetables and several kinds of pulse are grown here in organic way by utilizing the manure from cows. They run a dairy farm in the ashram. Some people are engaged in sewing and knitting. Foreigners are also provided shelters. We were excited to find hand-made Pashmina, Sawl, Purse along with key-ring, ear-ring, necklace, braslate, ring, carpet, T-shit, perfume in the ashram. Some children learn Bharatnatyam, singing, enactment, etc. The panoramic view of Kathmandu valley from the Aashram breathtaking. We were also provided yogic food. We enjoyed a lot and participated in the meditation aswell. We made new friends and interacted with them. It wasaquality a time spent there in my life. It will be in my memory forever.

Yoga Trip Experience

Bhawana Jain- Grade VIII ‘F’

We, the Yoga Club students, with our yoga teachers went to Shree Arvinda Yoga Ashram, Thankotat the bottom of Chandragiri hill. The peaceful environment in and around the ashram probably attracts like me who are tired of living in the noisy and the crowded city.  There were a total of 10 departments in Ashram. At first we went to the most important place of the Ashram wherethe nails and hairs ofArvinda Yogi, were placed. It’s quite surprising to those who were unaware of Yogi’s life style and culture. It was also the praying place to the visitors as well as the members of the ashram. We mourned 5 minutes for the departed soul of Arvinda Yogi. After that, we went to the cowshed and also involved in grass cutting and we went to Pathshala. In the pathshala, we interacted with the students and also talked about how the students were reading in the Ashram. After that, we went to one room in which the things made by the ashram family were kept for sale. We bought some of things and went to canteen, had yogic tasty food there. Now we had to leave for the meditation room, we stayed there almost half an hour. We were guided in all those departments by staff Ms. Sushmaand she explained about the activities there. While we were observing everything there, one Guruji came and told the story of Sri Arvindji after whom the ashram was named. Before returning, againwe went to the manufacturing and sale department wherehand-made  pashmina shawl and cotton clothes were kept for sale.  It was one of the beautiful moments of life.