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My Best friend by

Dikshya Agrawal (9 F)

Before you came to my life, I was all alone,

After you came, my life became best overblown

Our friendship was totally unexpected

Now, we are heart to heart connected

You never let me fall

You came in my every call

You stood with me in my every failure

And taught me to deal with that failure

I hope our friendship remain strong

And I believe, we never go wrong

Thank you for standing by me in my hard time

And help me smile all the time

You are very special to me

So, never cry when you don’t find me.

Hasti and Her Promise

Muskan Barai (VIII 'D')

Long ago, there was a girl who was studying in class 6. Her name was Hasti. Hasti was a better listener than a writer, which is why all her notes used to be incomplete, although she could understand everything that her teachers taught her. Her school life was full of fun.  The most precious part of her school life was her very favourite teacher Mr. Sanjay, her science teacher.

Hasti used to like him because he cared for his students and helped them to understand the topic well. He was an inspiration to many.

One fine morning, Hasti received the syllabus of the upcoming exam. She knew that her notes were incomplete but still she was tension free because she had learned every single topic by heart. She was confident about her exams. But, as it is correctly said, “Every gain follows with a Loss”; Hasti became over confident.

She didn't revise or even touch her books. She became so over confident that she went up to Mr. Sanjay and said "Sir, I promise to top the science exam this time.” He replied smilingly "Ha-ha, okay!” Soon the exams began. Hasti actually managed to write all the answers without preparing much. Then came the day before her science exam, she was busy fantasizing about how happy she would be when Mr. Sanjay would appreciate her for topping the exam. She wasted a lot of time on this. It was already 8 in the evening, so she couldn’t prepare much.  

Finally, it was the day when she sat down to take her science exam, she knew all the answers but surprisingly, and she made mistakes while writing them. Due to her over confidence, she didn’t check her paper even once before submitting. 

Soon, Mr. Sanjay checked her paper; she had done well. Despite that, two marks had been deducted and Hasti unfortunately did not top the exam. However, she was ranked second. She was ashamed and felt guilty about everything. She again went up to Mr. Sanjay and expressed her apology saying, “Sir, i received my report card just now and I have failed to top the exam. I am so sorry; I’ll try my best next time?”

Mr. Sanjay replied calmly, “Congratulations! Your results are excellent, even better than before; I know you’ll make more progress next time.” Hasti said, “You made my day, sir”, he replied, “And you’ve made mine too, congratulations once again!” 

Hastirealized that she had to stop being over confident. She started studying with proper alertness so she topped the other science exam as she had promised to Mr. Sanjay. 





The Season's love


Swikar Rana Magar10 'D'

Every Spring I see the birds flock around,

Trying to find whole grains to feed their love on ground

Every morning, they sing the song of spring love

Hoping to see the ever green summer grove.


The summer arrives with loads of joy

The kids in the playground playing with their toy,

Happiness shines in the face of everyone here

May summer leave goodness forever and ever here.


The withering of leaves starts

Day shortens and painters paint their art,

Crispy leaf and red, brown coloured hue

The burning of summer woods brings home a few.


The cold winter arrives with thick far of shoes

People cherish the livelihood with comfort and loose,

A hot cupo of coffee with cinnamon sticks

Hope spring again shall bring the flowers of beautiful silks.


The One Who Follows Me!


Snigdha Khadka 12 ‘E’

“Good Morning, students, get ready for today’s morning prayers!” “All the students may disperse, now.”

Everyday, this is how all my mornings begin. It’s the routine of my 16 years old life and as a relatively high-school girl, my mornings have always been ordinary until I saw her. I don’t remember where or when I saw her first but her existence had shaken up tiny world limited to my home and school.

Tall and lanky, she has fair colour and has longer hair. From my bedroom to the library, from the library to the bathroom, she is present everywhere. Once, she crossed all her limits of outrageousness. She appeared when I was hanging out with my friends. She is the pain in the neck. Her painful existence ruined my day and for a long time, I couldn’t forget her and her haughtiness.

Recently, I have been seeing her more, I see her in my overweight body, my awkward smile, my frizzy hair and flabby arms. She becomes more apparent in the mirror. Suddenly, I realized she is me! Seeing her makes me unhappy, I am repulsed by my own sight. I wonder how many young girls and boys like are haunted by their own shadows.


Life is Beautiful

Shristi Yadav Class 6 'A'

I dream of life

This life is so beautiful

Everything is so beautiful about life

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life,

Life becomes easier

When you learn to

Accept the apology

You never try to,

Life is colourful

Life a rainbow

Rain and sun

Come together in your life


Life is too short to cry

If you try to find mirth, you

Can make it longer

A life full of joy.


Why you should be self-motivated?


Shakshi Kedia XII E


Self-motivation seems a word that we hear quite often nowadays. Of course, there are some days when you feel like getting out of bed is a hard task. When you might think that this is just some negligible kind of situation but it's a very important issue. Self-motivation is the reason you do what you do. In the era or the world, we live in it would be absurd to be depended on anybody. This world has become a race or more like a cycle. Self-motivation is what helps you be on yourself not be depended on anybody. Believe me when I say this if you are self-motivated, if your goal is set right in front of you, if you are not letting the negative energy effect you, this life that seems like a race for other people may not be the same for you. We all have heard the phrase ''you are your critic.'' Sometimes we judge ourselves so harsh that we don't think that it's becoming more like a habit to us. Do you criticize your friends, just as the same way you do yourself? The answer would be no, obviously we care about their feeling and wouldn't want to demotivate them. So, why to be so harsh on yourself. Try looking at the positive things, what you can achieve, small celebrations.

In your life the only person who is going to stay with you is yourself. I know that it makes most people sad, but it is the truth. You might feel motivated one day and the other days might feel worse. This is all part of your journey, you are your own coach and you can figure things out one by one. It may be a cliché thing to say but music can really lift or calm your soul. The days when you are feeling demotivated, or just got your exam results, try listening to music. It helps to calm us and think about what should be our next step, how to rectify the mistake we just did rather than making a harsh decision and regretting later. 


Newari Food


Prajain Kaji Maharjan

Class 2 ‘C’


The very popular Newari food is also known as Newa Cuisine or Newari delicacy by Nepali locals. It is one of the most popular foods in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu valley, i.e. Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Kirtipur and Bhaktapur. It has more than 1200 varieties of dishes. Traditional Nepali cuisine has always been famous all over Nepal. The main famous foods are Newarikhaja set, yomri, chhoila, quati, samaybaji, chatamari, bara etc.


My Unexpected Special Best Friends


Paridhi Sarawagi  X “F”


Thank you for being nice.

For helping me out with your silly advice.

For being with me in my hard times,

And for making me cry sometimes.


The first time I saw you,

I was not interested in knowing you,

Our friendship was unexpected,

But now, we are connected,


I have never met a great person like you,

I find myself really lucky to have you,

I hope we will never get apart,

And you will always be in my heart.


People may not understand you,

For they don't know the real you,

But don't fall off your track,

‘Cause you will always have my back.


Always remember, I am there for you to lean on,

A shoulder for you to cry on,

An ear to listen all your pathos,

And a brain to cheer your egos.

I hope our friendship always remains very strong,

And we never go wrong.

I can't tell how special. You are to me,

And I assure you won’t miss me!


The Beauty of a Butterfly


Nidhi Das  4 'C'

Once upon a time, there lived a family and in that family there were four members. Mother’s name was Krisha, Father's name was Ragav, big sister's name was Ruby and younger brother's name was Chandra. Chandra and his big sister Ruby loved insects especially butterfly. Their most favorite was red, yellow and white butterfly.

One day they were going to the park and a pink and white butter fly came flying near Chandra. It was small but very pretty. Chandra said happily ''Wow! It is very beautiful, I must take it home''. On the other side, his sister Ruby also found a big black and white dotted butterfly. She said '' I like the pattern and colour, I must take this home''. And both arrived at home and they showed each other their butterflies and they also showed it to their mother. She said '' Wow! You've done a great job!!.”

And they clicked the photos of the butterflies and they sent them to the museum.




My Father   - Mahika Yadav  VIII ‘D’

My father's name is Ram LalanYadav. He is Forty years old. He is veterinary doctor and government employee. He is tall, smart and laborious as well. He has white and black hair and brown eyes. My father loves me very much. Like every child's hero, my dad is my real hero in the world. I think without my dad I am nothing and he is the one who taught me everything. I love him very much.

My father is the head of family. Well it’s not true in every student’s diary or any form we write father is the head of family but the actual head of family is our mother I feel this is 80% true. My father doesn’t stay with us in Kathmandu as he lives at Solukhumbu. I miss him so much.

I am really proud of my father and I will make sure that one day he will also be proud to see me as his brave daughter. He is always ready to help others. He never thinks of himself. He only thinks of others. He wants me to study with a scholarship but I will try my best to do as he advises and be a good daughter. When he is at leisure, he tells us funny and interesting stories. I like to listen to him. I make sure to spend a lot of time with him. I will not do such kind of work to disappoint him. That's all about my dad; I can't describe more of him as I have no words to describe him and his kindness. He is such an excellent son to his parents. He is from a small a village but he has done a lot for everyone and shows that nothing is impossible. If you are willing to do something, you can just give it a try and don't give up, he suggests.

Whenever I go to village to see my grandma, she always tells me about my dad’s past; how hardworking he was and he never learned to give up. I also want to be like him one day. For me my whole world is my dad. My world starts with him and ends with him. Love you so much dad! Thank you for your every single support in my life, without you my life is incomplete.


Teenager Anxieties and Insecurities!


Name: Ishani Baral

Class: 8 'B'


As I am going through my adolescence or teenage period I can say that this period is the most sensitive among all. It changes us mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s the period where we need to deal with lot of changes and build ourselves strong.

This is the period where we need someone to listen to us. If we have someone to rely on like parents who completely understand their children's situation and are supportive that would be very beneficial to any child. But it takes time for us to open and talk about our issues and anxieties. At this phase we turn into introvert and some into extrovert. We don’t speak up easily due to lack of confidence. We overthink and even small actions can bring disappointment on our face. It's not the age which is dangerous but it’s the age in which we should help ourselves and control our emotions and also lead life on the right track.

      During teenage period, we often get offended since they don’t understand our emotions; despite that they compare us to others indifferently, therefore we have to deal with such a huge pressure. We need understanding parents, teachers and friends. Some people bully others which directly affect our mental condition even. We easily get annoyed and perhaps feel miserable.

People should understand and know how to deal with us rather than yelling at us and making our esteem low. We all need to work on ourselves. We shouldn't step out from our family rather than believing on friend’s side. And parents are also responsible for being the great bridge of communication with the people around us. This is what I feel nowadays how teenagers are going through and I feel, your support can play a huge role to make a big impact on us. 








Live on the Radio

Erika Prajapati   - X ‘A’

I visit many places, but some of them provide unforgettable experiences and leave an evident mark to relive on. I have also visited many places but a memorable one for me is my visit to the radio station. As someone who loves listening podcasts, I had always dreamt of being interviewed on the radio. I always aspire to visit the radio station as a guest. This dream got fulfilled when I got the wonderful privilege to be interviewed for a live programme on Radio Kantipur. Just few days prior to the huge day, I got informed by my teacher that I had been selected along with some of my other friends for the programme. The program 'Children's Club' I learnt that it was a weekly programme broadcasted on Radio Kantipur 96.1 MHz where children are interviewed by the programme presenter, MsPriyankaPrasai.

I was really excited for the same, my happiness knew no bounds. This was something unprecedented for me. On the day of interview, I, along with Arika, Samik and Shin Niu went into the radio station. Since, it was big day, our parents had been invited and they accompanied us. The building of Radio Kantipur situated at Pulchowk was big and clean. I went to the recording room which was organized after the presenter instructed us. The programme was going on air live at 5 p.m. The programme began shortly. I was slightly nervous at the beginning but the fun-filled environment of the recording room removed all my fear, and we had talks about our hobbies, school and many more interesting thing. The interview was so much joyful that I didn't even realize how fast the one-hour slipped through my finger. It was fantastic and I experienced a lot. This experience also boosted my self-confidence and inspired me. The visit to the radio was more than just a visit, it was an emotion incapable of being explained in words but here I tried my level best in doing that.


Did you get  A+ ?

Elina Jha XI 'A'

Did you get A+ ?

This question creates a lot of fuss.

If you did, you are great, congratsl

If you didn't, you are termed as lazy cats.


Marks don’t determine your future,

If just helps your life venture.

These words are well known lectures,

But honestly they seem useless conjectures.


Grades are really necessary,

But they don't secure your life is vagary

So remember knowledge is primary

That’s what will help you in contemporary.


If you don't score high,

You don't have to be shy,

But once ask yourself why

And next time give it a better try.



Daily Diary Writing


Dikshya Agrawal – IX ‘F’

Dear Diary,

That play was awesome. I will never forget the play, my first getaway with friends. That was so fun, the best day of my life. We went to watch movie and have fun that day. There were many of my friends. My close friend Juhi also accompanied me. With her I enjoyed a lot. There were few girls and few boys. We went to see 'RRR' movie. The movie was great. The good thing was I had already watched the movie earlier and I was telling them about all the scenes. Then after the movie we just roamed and enjoyed a short walk in the mall. Then we went to a café 'Bella Vista' at Basantapur. We first ordered some cold drinks. Telling the truth we didn't like the juice at all, I mean the juice cost more than hundred but it was more like 20 Rs. litchi juice. But we ate, drank and enjoyed a lot. We sang and we all pranked our friends. This was very awesome and I assumed it was more like that of a play.

Thank you! 

Broken Wings

Ashutosh Jha X ‘I’

Like a string,

Somebody pulls and you fume,

You lay lost in the sandy dune.

Fall head-first on the ground,

Broken thoughts don't make a sound,

Flying too long to be free,

The wall of time you did not see.

You want a world of angel and fairy

It's too bad all you have is a blurred memory,

Your life was a tune and you were a bard,

Lived all of it safe and didn't try hard

 Lay you dying bird,

Lay underneath the sky,

For a bird with broken wings,

Can never fly.




The last apocalypse

Astha Thakur X D

The land is collapsing,

The sun is elapsing,

Tall buildings are wrecking

With the existence of earth shaking.


I see no presence of nature’s grandeur,

All due to human's hauteur.

For the first time, the humankind looks upset,

Experiencing its last sunset.


The sea tide is beyond its limit,

With beings struggling for life every minute.

Everything I can find are just dead trees,

With no sight of even tiny creatures like bees.


I find no corner without pollution,

With us delayed to bring out the implicit solution!

Humans who cause nature, the malady,

Are into the deepest tragedy!


Understanding the Dream: Superstition to Constructive Diversion

Niharika Rana- Grade IX A

I have never met any people by this time who has told me they have not dreamt yet. This is to generalize that all people have a dream.  Some people experience a weird or horror dreams while other experience common dreams.  What so ever, our dream tells a lot of things about our mental and psychological conditions of the brain.

One day, I came across a very strange dream where I was trying to rise up on the ladder and were unable to get on the top. I was sweating hard, repeatedly falling and rising from the ladder while going upstairs. All of sudden, I woke up and was confused whether it was a dream or real happening. When I came to know that it was dream, I tried to connect the dream with my present situation and made interpretation that rising in the ladder was related with attempting to achieve the highest grade where as falling implies failures. Now I was clear that I had to work hard more to get the best results.

I also experienced another very weird dream where mysterious manor sneaked in my room. It was holding a knife in his gloved hands. He slowly approached towards me as if he was trying to chop my head with knife but because of my defensiveness he hurt near the check and vanished from the scene. The blood gushed down from my cheek. Something unexpected happened with this horror dream scene. I suddenly wake up with a courage and determination to find the monster and identified the conditions of wound in the dream. This is an endurance to face all the consequences that I had to face to save myself.

 If someone had dreamt similar to my dream, we should not end up by linking dreams with some negative thoughts.  Instead of linking the dreams with superstitious believes, we should learn to interpret our dreams for some productive changes which could bring some benefits in the life.

Science Center was Fabulous with Learning and Fun

Hriday Agrawal

Grade: IX 'G'

In my opinion, learning inside classroom is just 50% of education, other 50% learning has been believed to be attained by doing. We DAVians are fortunate not only to get education in such holy organization but we can theorize now. Our school took us to the "Science Simulation Center" to bolster interest in the science. On 19th of July, 2019, around 150 students from classes 5 to 10 were taken to this center. The center was fabulous with learning and fun. All the students were taken to different branches of Science Simulation Center like, robotics, physics lab, astronomy lab, and so on where we learnt about various tools and got opportunity to learn daily life concept. All the instructors and teachers were very friendly and understanding. The most interesting part of this tour was to see a real human robot which can dance, talks, walk etc. I would like to thank the Science Department for organizing this fun-filled learning tour.

Yoga Excursion at Shri Arvinda Yog Mandir

Jyoti Agrawal –Grade VIII ‘F’

I, Jyoti Agrawal from Grade VIII 'F', am sharing my experience of yoga excursion organized by our school. When I was informed that I was going to a yoga excursion in Thankot at the bottom of Chandragiri hill, I was very much excited for the yoga excursion. That day, when I reached school, the bus was alreadyto take us. It took about half an hour to reach the destination. Sooner we reached there, we saw a big board of Shri Arvinda Yog Mandir. The founder of that Aashram was Ram Chandra Daswelcomed us. We were guided by the staff of the Ashram. At first, we went to an octagonal shape building and we went to a cowshed in which we found several cows. In the Aashram, more than 250 orphans where provided free education and hostel. Fruit, vegetables and several kinds of pulse are grown here in organic way by utilizing the manure from cows. They run a dairy farm in the ashram. Some people are engaged in sewing and knitting. Foreigners are also provided shelters. We were excited to find hand-made Pashmina, Sawl, Purse along with key-ring, ear-ring, necklace, braslate, ring, carpet, T-shit, perfume in the ashram. Some children learn Bharatnatyam, singing, enactment, etc. The panoramic view of Kathmandu valley from the Aashram breathtaking. We were also provided yogic food. We enjoyed a lot and participated in the meditation aswell. We made new friends and interacted with them. It wasaquality a time spent there in my life. It will be in my memory forever.

Yoga Trip Experience

Bhawana Jain- Grade VIII ‘F’

We, the Yoga Club students, with our yoga teachers went to Shree Arvinda Yoga Ashram, Thankotat the bottom of Chandragiri hill. The peaceful environment in and around the ashram probably attracts like me who are tired of living in the noisy and the crowded city.  There were a total of 10 departments in Ashram. At first we went to the most important place of the Ashram wherethe nails and hairs ofArvinda Yogi, were placed. It’s quite surprising to those who were unaware of Yogi’s life style and culture. It was also the praying place to the visitors as well as the members of the ashram. We mourned 5 minutes for the departed soul of Arvinda Yogi. After that, we went to the cowshed and also involved in grass cutting and we went to Pathshala. In the pathshala, we interacted with the students and also talked about how the students were reading in the Ashram. After that, we went to one room in which the things made by the ashram family were kept for sale. We bought some of things and went to canteen, had yogic tasty food there. Now we had to leave for the meditation room, we stayed there almost half an hour. We were guided in all those departments by staff Ms. Sushmaand she explained about the activities there. While we were observing everything there, one Guruji came and told the story of Sri Arvindji after whom the ashram was named. Before returning, againwe went to the manufacturing and sale department wherehand-made  pashmina shawl and cotton clothes were kept for sale.  It was one of the beautiful moments of life.