There are two infirmary rooms properly set in Indu sadan and another in Shankar Sadan. The infirmary rooms provide first aid services and other medical facilities. The infirmaries are being operated by experience doctors and nurses. An infirmary in Indu Sadan serves the medical facilities for Grade VIII to XII students, teachers and non-teaching staff and the other infirmary of Shankar Sadan provides medical facilities to Nursery to VII students, teachers and non-teaching staff. If the injury is severe, the infirmary doctors and nurses immediately report it to the parents and school management committee members before referring to the nearby hospitals. Students are being provided both Aayurvedic and Allopathic medicines as per their need. Before allowing medicines, parents are also informed about the condition of their ward. There are 6 beds in Shankar Sadan’s infirmary and 4 beds in Indu Sadan’s Infirmary.

DAV Open Gym

DAV Open Gym provides the facilities such as elliptical crops trainer, pull chair, air walker, pull up, hanging round bar, hip twister, push chair, upper limb stretcher, leg press, stationary bike, taichi spinner, etc. DAV Open Gym’s sophisticated equipments have been serving the students to maintain their physically finess since its inception. All the equipments provide a written guideline to use them properly.

Basketball Court

DAV has three basket basketball Courts in different blocks of DAVSKVB School. Both boys and girls students are given equal opportunity to play and practice basketball during sports period. To master in basketball, the sports club regularly organizes inter-section and inter-house basketball tournaments for middle and senior school students.

Kindergarten Playing Station

Kindergarten playing station provides the facilities such as darking, fishing, sliding, seesaw, etc. for the delight and recreation of PG, Nursery, LKG and UKG students. The students of primary wing (Grade I to IV) also get the opportunities to find ecstasy in the kindergarten playing station.

Multi-Purpose Auditorium:

1. Buddha Hall, this is a multi-purpose auditorium with the capacity of 700 seats. All sorts of ultra modern facilities are available here. 2. Indu Auditorium Hall, this auditorium is designed in amphitheatre setting with modern amenities, and it has the capacity of 400 seats. It is used for in-house events, cultural shows, informal stage performances and video projections. 3. Pratik Hall with the capacity of 250 seats, it is used by primary section for its in-house programmes and mini cultural shows. 4. Jetavan Hall, with capacity of 200 seats, it is used for seminars, workshops and orientations


Computer Laboratories: These labs are well-equipped with internet and multimedia. Each student from the Junior and senior section get separate computers in lab. Special Language rooms are used for various languages classes. The newly established German language class has audio-visual equipment for pronunciation, listening skills, presentation skills and interactive language learning activity. Ultra Modern Science Laboratories for physics, Chemistry and Biology Mathematics Laboratory with a capacity of 50, equipped with modern and simple mathematical instruments.

Music Rooms

DAVSKVB students have been taught and facilitated with various types of musical instruments in a separate rooms for keyboard, drums, violin flute and other various forms of music along with the vocal classes. These facilities are provided for grade V to XII students on the top floor of Shankar Sadan. At present, both theoretical and practical classes are being operated as per the syllabus. Music Department also carries the responsibility to make students ready for performing in various occasions in the school as well as in national and international competitions. Students are skilled with performing on various classical and modern form of music and they also learn classical, modern, Hindi, folk, international, pop rock and hip-hop songs. The students of kindergarten and primary wing have regular vocal classes in another music room in the first floor of Shankar Sadan.


DAVSKVB owns a well-equipped library with an extensive range of reference books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, educational CDs, computer workstations. The computer aided referencing system enables students to find books of their choice. With these, there is a separate library for juniors. As part of the focus on E-learning, students are encouraged to use Internet and to access online international libraries for information.

Dance Rooms

DAVSKVB has set up three dance rooms, one in Indu Sadan used by Grade VIII to XII students and other three rooms in Shankar Sadan for Kindergarten to Grade VII students. Two dance rooms in the first floor of Shankar Sadan are being used by kindergarten students. Students learn various dance skills during their dance period. Students learn Kathak, Bharatnatyam, classical, hip hop, folk, International and freestyle dances on a regular basis.

Table Tennis Hall

DAV provides facilities to practice table tennis for the students in various places almost in all the blocks of the school. Moreover, DAV Open GYM has provided waterproof table tennis board facilities to the students. However, DAV has developed table tennis widely as an indoor game in Indu Hall and Pratik Hall where various inter-house, inter-section and inter- school tournaments are organized periodically by the sports department in collaboration with sports club.

Futsal Ground

DAV School has built its own futsal ground in front of primary block. The futsal ground is built to meet the futsal culture of the students. Moreover, DAV has been organizing Sushil Kedia Memorial Inter-school Indoor Cricket Tournament every year in another futsal ground at DAV College Bhanimandal, Lalitpur. At Bhanimandal futsal ground, DAVSKVB students are given ample opportunities to play football and cricket games.

Cricket and football Ground

The open ground in front of secondary block is used by the students to play and practice both cricket and football games during their sports period. Students after school also practice cricket and football games beside their regular sports period. In this ground, inter-school football tournaments and cricket tournaments are organized by DAVKSVB and other support agencies periodically. The sports department has been organizing inter-house and inter-section cricket and football tournaments in the same ground.

Badminton Court

Indu Hall, a multipurpose auditorium serves as the badminton Court to practice badminton for all the students during sports period. The sports department organizes inter-house, inter-section and inter-school tournament in this hall. Moreover, students are also given ample opportunities to play and practice badminton in the school grounds during the sports period.

Yoga Hall

A Separate Yoga Hall has been built on the top floor of Shankar Sadan. Students from Grade V to XII attend both practical and theoretical yoga classes in Yoga hall. The students are made competent for national and international competitions as well as for the intra-school competition as per the school calendar. They learn Pranayam, various Aashans and various postures of Yoga.


Our classrooms, with a capacity of 35 seats are spacious and well-ventilated with ample natural and artificial lighting. Ergonomically designed furniture, a combination of green glass and white boards, display boards, teaching aids enhance the learning process. The classrooms best suit the students' need.


As many as 76 bus routes in primary and secondary blocks serve the students. The transport facility is provided on all the major roads of Kathmandu valley. It is well managed, safe and students friendly.