School Management Committee

  • School Management Committee

  • Chairperson- Shree Anil Kumar Kedia

  • Member- Shree Narayan K.C.

  • Member- Shree Sheshkant Paudel

  • Member- Shree Rajesh Kumar Jha

  • Member – Shree Ramchandra Khanal

  • Member Secretary- Dr. Bhubaneshwari Rao

  • Invited Member- Shree Hari Gurung

Norms Followed for Fixing School Fees

Norms Followed for Fixing Rules for Fess in the School

The school fees is fixed after considering several factors such as

  • The guidelines provided by CBSE Board and the state government
  • The inflation rate fixed by the government
  • Annual salary increment of the teachers and staff
  • The need to balance the income and expenses of the school in the annual basis
  • The latest infrastructure
  • The need for the reserve fund and
  • The School contingency fund

Affiliation Status

Affiliation Status

  • Senior Secondary School
  • Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India

Number of Student

Grade Total Number of Sections Total per Class Intake Total Number of Students
I 2 40 41
II 2 40 73
III 2 40 74
IV 3 40 100
V 2 40 60
VI 3 40 79
VII 3 40 81

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