Co-Curricular Programs

Introduction to Co-curricular Programmes

DAVSKVB is the leading school in terms of implementing its systematic Co-curricular programmes. The
co-curricular programmes are designed, based on research, practice and imperative plan of DAVSKVB
Management Committee. The school has developed two activities calendar for two semester in an
academic year. The school conducts hundreds of programmes separately for senior school (Grade IX to
XI), middle school (Grade V to VIII) Junior School (Grade I to IV) and Kindergarten School (Nursery to

The Co-curricular activities are categorized as per the nature of the programme. The co-curricular
activities categorized in DAVSKVB are- motivational, environmental, social, creative, recreational
cognitive, informative, innovative, physical, cultural, spiritual, etc. The reviews and impact of co-
curricular programme are made by the DAV management committee.