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Vipasana and Meditation

To revive human body and mind through vedic perspectives propounded by the Rishi Munis of the Eastern world, DAVSKVB has included plenty of spiritual activities in its co-curricular programme. Yoga, Vipasana, anapana, yagya and several categories of meditation are conducted for DAVSKVB students. DAVSKVB is strongly a value based school and it has matured with Anglo-vedic principle.


Vipasana Meditation makes DAVSKVB renowned among its educational communities. All the parents, teachers and students are given platform to go through vipasana meditation. The students mandatorily are engaged in vipasana meditation. Likewise Anapana Meditation is another type of mediation practiced by DAVSKVB students and teachers. The spiritual activities help students and teachers to know own self, which helps ultimately to know the world more precisely.



Yoga is another significant teaching of DAVSKVB. Both CBSE and SEE students compulsorily attend yoga class in middle school and senior school. The students have celebrated all the international yoga day with grand success. They have been performing various yogas in family jamborees, felicitation ceremonies and various national and international events



There are so many Havans for Kindergarten to grade XII students and teachers. Students are encouraged to participate in Havan (Yagya) and they are also taught the cultural, scientific and spiritual significance of Havan. Every year, DAVSKVB organizes “vidya subharambha havan”, good luck havan and havan in the memory of late Sushil Kedia and late Pratik Jungabahadur Rana, etc.