Training cum Workshop on 'Neuro-inclusion in Education'

Training cum Workshop on 'Neuro-inclusion in Education'

Date: Dec 7th, 2022

A 3-day training cum workshop on 'Neuro-inclusion in Education' was duly organised to all the teaching staff on the school premises from December 2 to 4.

The theme for training cum workshop was 'enable, educate and empower'.

The main purpose of the programme was to be acquainted with all the students with possible neuro-divergence amongst them that they need different pedagogy of teaching and learning as per the formation of their brain. The research has shown that 20 percent of the world population is neuro-divergent.

 Furthermore, the training focused on educators' role as facilitators in transforming every child to learn in a better way.

The 3-day Workshop was organised by Mr. Joel S. Godi, Founder and CEO of Neurogifted Neuro Guides USA along with his co-trainer partners from various parts of the world.

On the first day, Mr. Joel and Ms. Katherine Guimard- Institute of Neurodiversity, France made presentation on importance of neuro-diveregent and trained all the teachers.

The principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao also interacted with the trainers and brought forth her perception and said that school should be accessible to every child and they should be always happy to reach school and learn in a better environment.

In addition, she also stated that the school has decided to launch neuro-inclusion in education, so that no child will be left unnoticed during teaching and learning process.

She even made a remark that such training session would also be more fruitful and obtainable to the parents' community in parenting'.

In fact, parenting and education are the two sides of the same coin.

On behalf of entire teachers' community, the principal asked the resource person and trainers various questions that could drive the trainers to reveal the techniques while educating and parenting neuro-divergent children.

Sooner the training geared on its pace, the school management decided to involve some representative parents from classes kindergarten to XII on the 3rd day training session.

As a result, all the parents of kindergarten, four parents from all the sections of junior and middle school along with five parents from each sections of senior school attended the programme.

In short, 'Neuro-inclusion in Education' is all about identifying and implementing the proper way of educating neuro-divergent students with hyperactive brain.

 But their learning outcome is always marked with failure as per the existing educational system.

The trainers made their presentation on working memory, long term memory, GEAR model, disability, disorder, differences, and divergence/convergence models among other methods of neuro-inclusion.

 As the part of training and workshop, Natalie Philips- Founder of Neurogifted (Australia), Sara Louis- Founder of Wired Differently (UK), and Elizabeth Wikilander- Celo player, Philharmonica and Orchestras (Sweden) trained and guided the teachers in the leadership of Joel S. Godi for two days.

A total of one hundred and fifty teachers attended the training and workshop. Mr. Joel was cordially welcomed by the principal in the presence of all the management team members.