Our School


Wings Co-ordinator

Mr. Tank Meghji Devji

Senior Secondary

Mr. Tank Meghji Devji is promoted as the Senior Secondary Co-ordinator from the Academic Session 2016/17 on 16th April. He was officiating as the Lower Secondary Co-ordinator from the year 2006. He joined the DAVSKVB in the year 2001 as the prominent member of the Mathematics Department. His beholding capacity and commanding approach help to maintain discipline among all.


Mr Krishna Joshi

Lower Secondary

Mr. Krishna Joshi is promoted as the Lower Secondary Co-ordinator in the year 2016/17. He was deputing as the In-charge of IX and X CBSE from the academic year 2014/15. Mr. Joshi joined the DAVSKVB in the year 2008 as the Social Studies Teacher. He was then promoted as the Head of the Social Studies Department in the year 2010. Mr. Joshi is popular among the students and teachers for his inspiration and motivation classes and guidance beside his academic and leadership proficiency.


Mr. Andrew Fitz Patrick


Mr. Andrew Fitz Patrick is working as the primary co-ordinator from the ending month of 2008. He joined in DAVSKVB in 2002 as the primary teacher of grade IV.

From 2003 onwards, he was deputed as the class Co-ordingator of class IV. Again in the session 2007 he was appointed as an activity in charge of primary section of the school.

He is industrious as well as result oriented cordial wing co-ordinator among others.



Ms. Shanti Gurung

Kindergarten Co-ordinator

Ms Shanti Gurung joined DAV as a UKG teacher in the academic year 2007. She was given the responsibility of activity in charge of Kindergarten Wing in the year 2010. She was then promoted as the Kindergarten coordinator in the academic year 2011-12.