Vidhya Subharambha Havan

Vidhya Subharambha Havan

Date: May 23rd, 2022

'According to Ved and Vedanta Culture and Tradition, Havan is the first step of Education'

'Saptakundiya- Vidhya Subharambha Havan' was witnessed in Indu Sadan and Shankar Sadan on 23rd May, 2022. 

Havan Tradition is developed as an integral part of vedic education over last 30 years in DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati.

In fact, Late Shankar Lal Kedia had a strong vision on anglo-vedic education and imagined that anglo-vedic education would become more essential to make the younger generation competent in the scenario of globalizing western model of education.

Addressing the students, the chief guest of the programme, Associate Professor, Department of Sanskrit, Tribhuvan University, Dr. Madhav Prashad Upadhyaya elucidated Havan as the integral part of Paurashtya tradition and also chanted 'Om Shanti Mantra' before to drive all the participant students, teachers, parents and the member of the school management in the various rituals of Havan.

In brief, Dr. Upadhyaya elucidated philosophical dimension of Havan and said, Human beings can achieve what they aspire for and said, the core meaning of Havan is to wish for the peace, prosperity and happiness of entire creatures.

For more information, DAV has always started the academic session by conducting Vidhya Subharambha Havan. The Pundits of the Havan along with all the participants' students and teachers chanted the Gayatri Mantras to begin the academic session 2022/23.

Dr. Upadhyaya also introduced students that Havan is conducted with decent feelings keeping in mind the righteous path and is intended to excel every human life, enable the life of all creature and stabilize harmony beyond the life in broader concepts.

The Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao admired the gracious presence and blessings of Dr. Upadhyaya and highlighted that the ultimate goal of DAV is to attach students to Vedic Books. The Principal highlighted that Vedic Education or the Havan culture is in fact the legacy of DAV School.

In a special gesture, the Principal hopefully expected the students will have the mission, vision, and goals in their life in pursuit of their happiness.

To end, the Principal extended sincere gratitude to the parents community present at Havan despite their busy schedule.