Past and Present Pictorial Presentation Competition

Past and Present Pictorial Presentation Competition

Date: Feb 20th, 2023

Mother Teresa Social Service Club organised Past and Present Pictorial Presentation competition for the photography and art enthusiast students of Grade VII and VIII in Jetavan Hall on February 13.

The competition saw an impressive display of talent, as the students presented their photography and artwork with utmost dedication and creativity. The use of printing medium, including paints, sketch pens, and markers, added vibrancy to the presentations.

A total of twelve students were selected for the final presentation from the long procedure. There were two students in each house.

It was awesome to witness exhibitions of past and present pictorial presentation of communication, transportation, health and drinking water. The programme successfully provided skills and ideas to delve comparative studies in timeline. Mt. Annapurna House appeared winners in the competition. The winners will be given special recognition in the assembly with merit certificate soon. Similarly, all the contestants will also be given certificate of participation in the same trait.