Shlokbachan Competition for Grade VII Students

Shlokbachan Competition for Grade VII Students

Date: Jul 12th, 2023

Janardan Sanskrit Club organised Shlokbachan Competition for Grade VII students in Jetavan Hall on July 10.

The contestants chanted Madhurastakam, Achyutastakam, Gopigitam, Ramastrotram, Charpat Panyajarika Strotram, Rudrastakam, Saraswati Strotram and Devya Paradha Kshyamapanstrotram.

The competition aimed at motivating students in Sanskrit learning according to Club In-charge Mr. Purushottam Rijal.

The judges were Mr. Dilliram Sharma and Mr. Niranjan Khatiwada. The audience were from Grade VI 'I' and moderator of the programme was Mr. Purushottam Rijal.

Sanskrit HoD Mr. Damodar Regmi and Mr. Dilliram Sharma also made presentation on Shlokbachan and attempted to enrich the Sanskrit knowledge among the students.

The competition was organised in the group.

As per the results, Bali group won the first position. Krip group won the second position. Markandya and Byas Group each won the third position and Bivison Group won consolation position.

All the winners will be honoured with the 'Certificate of Achievement' and participants will also get 'Certificate of Participation' in the assembly soon.