Nukkad Drama on the Crippling Effect of Excessive Mobile Phones Usage

Nukkad Drama on the Crippling Effect of Excessive Mobile Phones Usage

Date: Feb 20th, 2023

The morning assembly of 16th February offered different experience of learning as some theatre enthusiast students demonstrated a Nukkad Drama that portrayed crippling effect of excessive usage of mobile phones.

The Script Writer of Nukkad Drama was Mr. Purushottam Pokhrel, HoD of Hindi and the directors of the drama were Mr. Dilliram Sharma and Ms. Indu Thakur.

The students enacted different scenarios that showcased how mobile phones can negatively impact our lives, relationships, and health. From distraction while studying, to loss of interpersonal communication skills, to addiction and mental health issues, Nukkad presented impactful message to all the children of mobile generations.

Students who demonstrated their brilliant theater skills are all from Grade XI and they are Supriya Sharma – Section E, Chandani Gupta – Section D, Komal Sharma- Section D, Pari Mahak Bagla- Section C, Yashej Yang Shah- Section C, Aman Parida- Section C, Jayesh Agarwal- Section E, Lajja Agarwal- Section D, Aakriti Gupta- Section D, Niti Singhania- Section E and Raunak Singh – Section C.

The aim of the show was to raise awareness about the harmful effects of excessive use of mobile phones and the importance of responsible usage according to Ms. Indu Thakur.