Motivations from the Principal to Grade XII Students

Motivations from the Principal to Grade XII Students

Date: Jul 4th, 2023

The Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao addressed the board-bound students of Grade XII (Science and Commerce) with the learning strategy in Jetavan Hall on June 9.

The Principal interacted with the students and learnt the expectations from each one of them in the board examination before to provide them specific guidelines that could support to achieve their goals.

She talked about the importance of attendance, self-discipline and timely completion of assignment as a prerequisite to success. At the moment, she also talked about e-fasting, particularly to mobile phones, social media and all sorts of distracting games and applications and then guided students to make necessary usage of internet in knowledge building.

The students were provided some useful study tips at home. Meanwhile, some motivational videos and stories of successful people were also presented by the Principal.

In a special emphasis, she motivated the students and said that the Grade XII is a gate way to a career and inspired them to focus on academics keeping intact all the good learning they have acquired over the years.  The school is committed to provide them the best teaching and learning environment and motivated all of them to show active participation in studies.

In case of any support, the students were suggested to report to Senior School Co-ordinator Mr. Tank Meghji Devji and the Principal's Office.