Hidden Voice of Grade VII Students

Hidden Voice of Grade VII Students

Date: Jun 19th, 2022

An Intersection 'My Hidden Voice' Activity of Grade VII was witnessed on 14th June, 2022.

 The objective of ' My Hidden Voice' is to provide platform for the students to showcase their creativity and presentation. Hence, the students surf the internet to find various reliable information for their presentations. Sometimes they have to visit libraries or other primary and secondary information sources to accomplish their task.  As an inter-section activity, Hidden Voice seeks for plenty of co-ordinations and interactions in a team.

The Hidden Voice in this year witnessed dramatic presentations like enactment never experienced before. It was awesome to read the mind of the audience as well.

The topics presented in My Hidden Voice were ' Digital World, Innovative Learning and Technologically Advanced Learner'- Section A, Anxiety and Our Society- Section B, Dependence on Technology- Section C, The Impact of Social Media- Section D, School Bullying- Section E, Elon Musk- The Tech Guruji -Section F and Voice of Women- Section G