First Indumati Kedia Smriti Diwas

First Indumati Kedia Smriti Diwas

Date: Apr 7th, 2023

DAV School family celebrated the First Indumati Kedia Smriti Diwas in Indu Hall on April 3, in the benign presence of Brahamins from Naimisaranya Gurukul, Banepa, Kabhre and a team of renowned musicians of the country.

The first Indumati Kedia Smriti Diwas was organised to honour the life and legacy of Indumati Kedia, the mother of all the DAV Family Members.

Smriti Diwas started with Vedic culture of lighting the lamp ceremony followed by commemoration and floral homage to Indumati Kedia. As per the Vedic rituals, a team of Brahamins chanted Shanti and Geeta Path. Similarly, Shree Divyamani Adhikari, Vedantacharya, also the Principal of Namisaranya Gurukulum, Kabhre, Banepa made preaching and added ecstasy to the celebration programme.   

During the ceremony, Shree Divyamani Adhikari, Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia and Vice-principal Mr. Ramchandra Khanal also remembered the unnoticed role of Late Shreemati Kedia over last 29 years of Journey in enhancing Vedic and Sanskrit Education in the country. 

The Chairperson with his profound respect and honour to his mother said that the School will celebrate Indumati Kedia Smiriti Diwas annually and look forward to follow her paths and serve all the humanities and creatures.

Similarly, Vice-principal Mr. Ram Chandra Khanal noted that DAV is a memorial school established in the memory of Late Sushil Kedia.  He briefed that the School was established by Shankar Lal Kedia as a part of compassion and support to her wife Shreemati Indumati Kedia who went through the long grief with the departure of their youngest son at the age of 19.

The Brahamins along with all the teachers and staff also prayed for the heavenly abode of the departed souls. Overall, the first Indumati Kedia Smriti Diwas was a touching and memorable event with honour and all attendees seeking holiness in various forms.

Mr. Ayush Kedia, the grandson of late Shreemati Indumati Kedia also attended the event with his father and extended generous hospitality and welcome to all the Brahamins and Musicians.

As a part of Smirti Diwas, a team of Musicians also performed beautiful bhazans dedicated to various gods and goddess and added sanctity to the celebration programme. The moderator of the programme was HoD of Nepali Mr. Narayan Khatiwada.