Family Jamboree of Grade VII 2023

Family Jamboree of Grade VII 2023

Date: Jul 3rd, 2023

DAV School set a journey of Family Jamboree, the annual cultural extravaganza for the session 2023/24 in Buddha Hall on June 28.

The trio of students, teachers and parents of Grade VII took the opportunity to commence the jamboree for the session.

The formal programme started by welcoming the patron of DAV School Shree Kedia, Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao, Vice-principal Mr. Ramchandra Khanal, CAO Ms. Vijaya Tater and all the esteemed parents communities.   

Ms. Anuradha Pradhan, the senior grandmother was cordially invited to light the lamp of wisdom with Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia and then the programme headed with national anthem presentation and welcome speech of middle school co-ordinator Mr. Krishna Joshi.

The students put their heart and soul together to bring forth their delightful performances.

The students presented yoga dances and demonstrated their support to yoga and spiritual activities as a part of celebration of International Yoga and music day, 2023. In addition, multilingual approaches, contemporary arts, craft and enactments were also reflected on the stage.

Similarly, the foreign language department appeared in the same trait and presented beautiful German, French and Chinese cultural dances.

In short, the students presented Nepali and Hindi song, yoga dance, Nepali cultural dance, international dance, thematic dance, English song, Nepali contemporary dance and bollywood dance.

In addition, some interested mothers voluntarily participated in the game and added elegance to the celebration programme. As per the results, Ms. Sunita Tripathi won the first position followed by Ms. Renu Lamichhane and Ms. Arpana Gurung in the second and third positions respectively. The winner mothers were honoured with a award by the Chief Guest Shree Anil Kedia in the presence of the Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao.

The family jamboree programme is the brainchild of the Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao.  She has been designing, formatting and directing all the jamborees for two decades.

Addressing the gathering, Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia shared his 3-decade experiences of educating and nurturing the children with DAV School and college. He motivated all the attendees to be very careful in raising the children of adolescence period. With lot of biological, hormonal and emotional changes including high level of energy, the children at this age are prone to undisciplined activities. So, he motivated the parents to be vigilant to their wards and consult with the Principal and the management team in case they are not contended with the activities of their children.

In addition, he also motivated parents to channelize the energy of their children in some productive and engaging activities like yoga, sports, music, dance and swimming. 

Meanwhile, he presented a paradigm shift in education, where the role of parents in education has drastically increased in comparison to school with advent of internet and ever- increasing electronics gadgets.  The cultural values and social relations were under threat with ever-increasing virtual interactions and advised parents to save the children.

The performances of the students were highly appreciated by the Chairperson and he admired the respective departments for their proper guidance.

SSO Mr. Prashant Samal, Senior School o-ordinator Mr. Tank Meghji Devji, Middle School Co-ordinator Mr. Krishna Joshi, Junior School Co-ordinator Mr. Andrew Fitz Patrik, Kindergarten Co-ordinator Ms. Shanti Gurung, Human Resource Manager Mr. Aashish Rai and Faculty Heads were there to extend generous hospitality and warm welcome to the invited parents.

The moderators of the programme were Ms. Dikshya Koirala, Mr. Ganesh Paudel and Ms. Kamana Adhikari. Mr. Pradeep Shrestha presented a thank you note to conclude the programme.