English Extempore Competition in Senior School

English Extempore Competition in Senior School

Date: Jul 12th, 2022

William Wordsworth English Club of Secondary School organized English Extempore Competition for Grade IX to XII students in Jetavan Hall on 23rd June, 2022.

The extempore started with the introduction of contestants and then rules of extempore competition were explained by Azumi Tamang.

According to Anjal Tajpuria, Club In-charge, the objective of competition was to boost up the confidence of students without preparation. The judges were English teachers- Mr. Sanjeev Rai and Sashilta Rai. Audiences were from Grade IX A and B sections.

Some of the topics of Extempore Competitions were Global Terrorism, Social media is making us unsocial, COVID 19 and ensuring public health, Online education and its impacts,  Should we be afraid of internet crime and piracy, Optimism, Impact of demonetization, Inflation, E-commerce discounts are harmful, Feminism and so on.

As per the results, Aastha Thakur from Grade X 'D' won the first position followed by Arunim Prakash Shreevastav- XII 'E', Aarya Thakur- XII 'A' and Isha Modi – X 'G' in the second, third and fourth position respectively.