Educational Tour of Grade XII at Kalinchowk

Educational Tour of Grade XII at Kalinchowk

Date: Jan 6th, 2023

A total of twenty eight interested students of Grade XII (Science and Commerce) toured to Kalinchowk, Dolakha from 2nd January to 4th January, 2023.

The students were taken to Kalinchowk by SSO- Mr. Prashant Samal, HoD of English- Mr. Umesh Saud and Middle School Teacher- Ms. Pratikshya Nepali. 

According to Mr. Saud, they reached to Kalinchowk on January 2 and stayed at Hotel Country Villa.

On 3rd January, all of them paid visit to Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple located at the altitude of 3842 meter. Students enjoyed a cable car ride to reach the temple. After returning to the hotel they were taken for sight seeing in and around Kuri village.

On 4th January, they departed for Dolakha Bhimsen temple after breakfast at around 8. All the students and teachers offered prayers at the temple and left for Kathmandu. The students reached the School at around 3:30 PM.

Educational tour during the break brings some joy and refreshment among the students.

On the other side, such tours and visits enable students for effective learning, enhances personal development, deepens social and historical knowledge, develops critical thinking,  generates the feeling to respect the culture, enhances perspectives and supports for effective communication.