DAV Devnagari Diwas

DAV Devnagari Diwas

Date: Feb 27th, 2023

DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati School celebrated DAV Devnagari Diwas on the occasion of 24th International Mother Language Day at the school premises on February 22.

DAV Devnagari Diwas was celebrated in the benign presence of distinguished Devnagari language experts from few reputed Universities including teachers and students from various schools of the Capital.

The programme was jointly organised by the Departments of Nepali, Hindi and Sanskrit of DAV School.

A total of 18 schools participated in interschool competitions like Sanskrit Shlockbaachan, Essay and Poem writing competitions including extempore in both Nepali and Hindi languages and showcased their creativity in high spirit.

Similarly, DAV students staged beautiful songs and dances covering diversity of Devnagari languages, traditions, culture and art including social practices.

To add, DAV students presented a welcome song in Sanskrit language, Thematic Shiva Tandav on Navaras, Magauta Dance of Tharu Community and Tappa dance associated with Magar culture and tradition.

Addressing the gathering, DAV Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia told, 'DAV being an English medium school has equally given importance to all the Devnagari languages in various forms'.

He extended best wishes to all the participants and suggested to add Pali language in upcoming programme alike which has been in practice at DAV since the inception of the School.

Chairperson attempted to connect, motherland, mother languages and teaching learning process and highlighted that the mother language is the rich heritage of our ancestors and education organizations like DAV has immense role in research and studies to handover to upcoming generations.

Similarly the Chief Guest, Vice-chancellor of Nepal Sanskrit University Prof. (Dr) Yadav Prakash Lamichhane appreciated the performance of the students and applauded DAV school Management for providing opportunity to participate in united forum of Devnagari languages.

He made a presentation on language and script as a prerequisite to teaching and learning process.

Meanwhile, a talk programme on the, 'Role of Mother Languages on Teaching and Learning Process', was observed among Dr. Nawaraj Kattel, (Nepal Sanskrit University), Dr. Karnakhar Khatiwada (Central Department of Language Science, Tribhuvan University) and Dr. Manchala Jha, Central Department of Hindi (Tribhuvan University). All of them presented the facts and figures on how mother languages were effective to think, understand and express the knowledge in mother languages. The speakers appreciated DAV movement in conserving, protecting and promoting Sanskrit language, the mother of all languages.

The talk programme also presented on how various mother languages of developing countries were converted into dead languages in the last century. In contrast, the developed nations were successful to globalize their mother as well as national languages across the world.

All the attendees expressed their immense pleasure to witness universities and schools together for the protection and promotion Devnagari languages.

Despite, the fact that English language has become the language of science, aviation, research, technology and communication, some developed countries have gained prosperity and development with their minimum literacy to English. In the similar way, the professors were optimistic and said that the Nepal can move in this regard and protect the legacy of diversity in Unity together.

At the closing ceremony, the winners and all the attendees of Interschool Devnagari Competition were honoured with the Award and merit certificate.

Prior to this programme, DAV school hosted a '3 day Devnagari Jagaran Sammelan' initiated by Sanskrit Scholar and religious guide Late Janardan Ghimire.

All the guests applauded the awareness generated by the renowned English medium school and believed that the step of DAV has set a milestone in the conservation and protection of all the mother languages and multilingual education.

The HoDs of Devnagari Languages extended heartfelt gratitude to the Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao for her immense contribution in the conservation of Devnagari languages including various culture and traditions of Nepal.

The Principal has been training the languages teachers of various backgrounds and highlighting that the language should not work as a barrier in teaching and learning process. In this regard, she has also been suggesting that the mother languages can be helpful in effective learning. In addition, she has a strong viewpoint that the indigenous knowledge can transfer in right way only through the particular mother languages.

Vice-principal Mr. Ramchandra Khanal along with all the School authorities were present to extend warm hospitalities to all the invited guests.