Chemical Awareness Programme for Grade XI Science Students

Chemical Awareness Programme for Grade XI Science Students

Date: Jul 14th, 2023

Newton Science Club organised chemical awareness programme for the students of Grade XI Science CBSE in Jetavan Hall on July 13.

 Head of the Science Department, Mr. Kamalesh Kumar Lal karn made a presentation on the effect of chemicals that are used specially in Chemistry laboratory. The students were also shown two short videos that portrayed accidents and safety in the laboratory.

'The main objective of the chemical awareness programme was to make students alert about the possible harmful effects of chemicals in case they are not used with safety protocols', said Mr. Karn.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO) recent reports, 3 to 4 percentage injuries around the world are caused by the chemicals. Mr. Karn presented various chemicals and their harmful effects on human body and environment.

At the moment, Mr. Karn presented corrosive, dangerous for environment, explosive, toxic, oxidizing, harmful irritant and highly inflammable chemicals and also provided safety protocols in labs.

For more information, the +2 students are provided some dilute chemicals in the labs that are mentioned in the syllabus. The Science labs at DAV are equipped with all the safety protocols and the awareness session was helpful to guide and adopt all the safety measures in their learning process.   

Newton Science Club In-charge Mr. Shovan Bhandari was the moderator of the programme.