Celebration of 646th Kabir Jayanti

Celebration of 646th Kabir Jayanti

Date: Jun 9th, 2023

The students associated with Kabir Sahitya Samaj from Grade IX to XII with profound honour and devotion celebrated 646th Kabir Jayanti on June 6.

To mark the celebration, a group of ten students presented 'Doha' a song that dedicated to Kabir Das and Ashutosh Jha from Grade XI 'B' presented a hymn in the memory of Kabir in the same trait.

Similarly, Shiven Bairathi and Naitik Ranka presented a biography of Kabir Das. Meanwhile, a motivational and inspiring documentary of Kabir Das prepared by Anupam Kher was shown to the students.  The audience from Grade IX 'H' and Grade X 'F'

Vice-Principal Mr. Ramchandra Khanal addressed the celebration programme and motivated students to take the life of Kabir as the complete human life lesson so that every one of them could make better position in the society and contribute to the country. He also talked about the importance of time and language during his address.

Similarly, HoD of Hindi Subject, Mr. Purushottam Pokhrel presented a song and Mr. Dilliram Sharma performed a 'Doha' all dedicating to Kabir Das.

The objective of the celebration was to deliver the message useful to the students from the life and literary writings of Kabir Das according to Kabir Sahitya Samaj In-charge Ms. Indu Thakur.

The moderator of the programme was Jiya Jha from Grade IX 'J' and audience were from grade, IX 'H' and Grade X 'F'. The programme concluded with vote of thanks from Ms. Indu Thakur.

For more information, Kabir is the celebrated and all-time literati personality for his wisdom and power of writings in India.  He has made immense contribution in Indian literature and his writings are translated and published in different foreign languages around the world.