Acting Chairperson of Baharatiya Sikshya Board Visited the School

Acting Chairperson of Baharatiya Sikshya Board Visited the School

Date: May 22nd, 2023

Dr. Nagendra Prashad Singh, the Acting Chairperson of Bharatiya Sikshya Board (BSB) along with his colleague Dr. C.V. Thapa visited the School and observed the teaching and learning environment of DAV School today (22nd May, 2023).

DAV Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia, the First lady Shreemati Sunita Kedia and their beloved son Mr. Ayush Kedia along with all the School authorities extended generous hospitality and warm welcome to the guests at the School premises.

Dr. Singh and Dr. Thapa visited the some of the classrooms with Shree Kedia and witnessed the ongoing teaching and learning process.

At the moment, Dr. Singh attempted at learning the knowledge of the particular chapters which were being taught inside the classrooms and provided some useful knowledge to the students. The students were motivated to excavate deep into the subject matter.  Dr. Singh who is IAS (Retd.) from the Government of India is one of the celebrated 'Think-tank' in India for his deep knowledge from ancient Vedas to the modern editions.

More importantly, he has been benefiting the mankind with his synthesis. Dr. Singh asked some of the questions like benefit of learning fashion designing, objective of fictions, importance of language and pioneer of ancient mathematics to the students and was delighted with the answers from the students. At the moment, Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia equally motivated the students to speak their minds with the prominent educators.

The students were enthralled at listening the wisdom and knowledge from Dr. Singh. He motivated Grade XII students to enrich their mathematics and science knowledge from the ancient scripture like Vedas, Geeta, Jatak, Mahabharat, Ramayan in the long list so that they could mix together with modern knowledge they were learning and also enrich future generation.

He strongly believed that teaching and learning process should be joyful and engaging and then inspired the students to make reasonable questions to the teachers. According to Dr. Singh, students should have appetite for learning and motivated students to emerge in the learning process.  

He also told that the teachers and students should be like a companion and expected supportive and respectful behaviour in the learning process. He also chanted a learning mantra- 'Om Sahana Vavatu' along with some beautiful quotes as a part of his motivation to the young learners.

Dr. Singh also visited Shankar Sadan and appreciated Chairperson for making a complete School and extended heartiest congratulations and best wishes in the future Endeavour.

Mr. Hari Bhandari, Patanjali Yogpeeth Nepal, Country Director and Mr. Arup Rajouria, President of Climate Change and Co-existence also visited the School with the prominent educators.