Kite Festival with Parents

Kite Festival with Parents

Date: Sep 30th, 2022

A kite festival with the Parents from Kindergarten to Senior School was observed amidst joy, excitement and cheering at the School main ground yesterday (29th September).

A total of twenty two kite enthusiast fathers participated in the Kite flying competition. In addition, some kite lovers students and teachers also voluntarily participated in the kite festivals and demonstrated their brilliant kite flying skills.

The Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao attended the kite festivals with the Wing Co-ordinators and added elegance among all the attendees.

As soon as the monsoon season welcomes the autumn, the skies are streaked with fluttering colors that visualizes the arrival of the most awaited festivals like Dashain, Tihar and Chhath in Nepal. To add, the event successfully evoked the joyful memories of childhood among the parents, teachers and staff.

The Principal honoured the best five performers with the award immediately after the competition.

As per the results, Mr. Rujan Shrestha, father of Liona Shrestha – VI 'C' won the first position. Mr. Subash Sharma, father of Mohit Sharma- VII 'G' won the second position.

Likewise, Mr. Hari Prashad Rimal, father Manjil Rimal- IX 'C' and Mr. Shyam Singh- father of Aryan Singh- VII 'B' each won the third position.

Similarly, Mr. Krishna Maharjan, father of Krijan Maharjan –IX 'B' won the fourth position.