Poem Recitation and Enactment Competition

Poem Recitation and Enactment Competition

Date: Jul 12th, 2022

Kabir Sahitya Samaj organized Poem Recitation Competition for Hindi language students of middle school in Jetavan Hall on 30 June.

The Poem Recitation aimed at enhancing recitation and enactment skills according to Club In-charge Ms. Indu Thakur. In addition, the programme helped students to develop confidence and become independent learner. The judges were Mr. Dilliram Sharma and Mr. Damodar Regmi. The moderators of competitions were Vidushree Pareek and Naitik Ranka. The audience were Hindi language students of Grade V and VII.

As per the results, Divyayan Mukherjee from Grade V won the first position. Likewise, Chanchal Mohota and Sristi Kr. Choudhary from Grade VI won the first position. Likewise, Himakshi Agrawal from Grade VII won the first position and Shruti Choudhary from Grade VIII won the first position.

In addition second, third and consolation position holders were also given a special recognition at the end of the programme and were honoured with a merit certificate in the special morning assembly of middle School.