Winners of PTC Day's Model Exhibition Honoured

Winners of PTC Day's Model Exhibition Honoured

Date: Dec 10th, 2023

The winners of PTC Day's Model Exhibition were honoured with the medal and merit certificate in the morning assembly of senior school on December 6.

The Science and OBTE Departments had engaged some interested students in model exhibition and competition during PTC Day of Half Yearly examination on October 13.

On behalf of the School Management, Vice-principal Mr. Ramchandra Khanal honoured all the winners for their exemplary work and extended best wishes in their journey ahead.

As per the results in science model exhibition, a group of students of Grade XI 'A' namely Aryan Bhattarai, Rishi Nath Kumar Singh and Utkarsh Tiwari who designed 'Tensegrity Structure' won the first position medal and merit certificate. Similarly, a team of student from Grade X 'B', - Abyani Silwal, Ritisha Saud and Snigdha Shakya who demonstrated 'Drip Irrigation System' won the second position. Likewise, Aastha Thakur and Abhigya Jha from Grade XI 'B' who exhibited 'Hydraulic Labyrinth Model' won the third position.

In the same trait, in beauty and health Science model exhibition of  OBTE department, Suyasha Maharjan- IX 'C',  Samriddhi Rahapal- IX 'C' and Zona Rana Magar- IX 'D'  won the first position. They presented 'Facial Cleansing Model'.  Keepa Maharjan – IX 'B', Niva Shakya – IX 'D', Hitesha Shakya – IX 'F' and Archa Bajracharya – IX 'G' won the second position. They presented 'Accessories Making Model'.  Shristi Shrestha – IX 'B' and Shristina Maharjan- IX 'E' won the third position for their 'Mehandi Art Model'

Likewise, in IT and Electronics , Ankit Kumar- IX 'H' and Aarav Beriwala- IX 'I' won the first position for their outstanding 'Smart Parking System Model'. Dikshit Babu Acharya – IX 'B', Sarthak Lekhak- IX 'C', Justin Acharya- IX 'C' and Aksat Shrestha- IX 'F' won the second position for their 'Alcohol Detection Security Model'. Rohan Mittal- IX 'H' and Shaurya Pandey- IX 'I' won the third position. They made 'Gesture Controlled Automation Model'.

Similarly, in Fashion Designing, all the contestants made 'Dress Making Model'. The first position achievers are Apekshya Shah,  Sumnima Subba and Supriti Shakya  from IX 'E'. The second position winners are Aadarsha Bhattarai, Navya Dutta, Sanju Shrestha from IX 'I' and Razit Man Singh from IX 'J'. The third position winners are Aayushree Mishra, Disha Sharma, Jenishma Adhikari, Manmahi kaur from IX 'I' and Aarya K.C. and Swecha Malick from IX 'J'.

Last but not least, Mass Media Models equally attracted visitors throughout the day in PTC Day. The first position winners of Mass Media Model competition are Manshi Singh – Grade IX 'F', Aaditya Das- IX 'I' and Ambika Bhattacharya- IX 'J'. The second position winners are Omraj Jha and Maison Man Maleku from Grade IX 'A'. And, the third position achievers are Shaurya Jha- IX 'B' and Nuwan Kulung  Rai – IX 'E'.