First General Meeting and Annual Award Distribution Ceremony

First General Meeting and Annual Award Distribution Ceremony

Date: Apr 19th, 2023

The First General Meeting of the 31st Academic Session and Annual Award Distribution Ceremony of the Academic Session 2022/23 were held in the benign presence of Shree Anil Kedia, DAV Chairperson, Mr. Joel S. Godi, Chairman Neurogifted, UK, and representative parents' community in   Buddha Hall on April 15.

The First General Meeting started with the presentation of Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao. The Principal congratulated all the Parents and Teachers Community for the successful completion of the academic Session 2022/23. Meanwhile, she equally applauded the visionary leadership of Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia in making DAV Students and Teachers distinctly visible around the world.

The Principal highlighted 'Major Attractions for the Session 2023-24' and 'School Theme for Session 2023-24'- TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).

Similarly, the Principal also presented the separate Class Themes approved by the team of respective Grade Teachers and then shed a light on a goal of the academic session 2023/24. The Principal with her strong conviction said, 'The sole responsibility of educators is to help learners to become good human beings and make them rooted to their own country'.

In a special focus, she presented that the entire teaching fraternity has been tirelessly attempting to ensure active participation in teaching and learning process by introducing 'Neuro-inclusion in Education'. 'The School is committed in its motto, -'No Child is Left Behind in Teaching and Learning Process', the Principal added.  

 The presentation of Principal had started with the introduction of entire Teaching Fraternity with their portfolios for the new session. The new members were given responsibility among the august gatherings of the teachers, parents and students. The Principal also presented the mission, vision, beliefs and aims of DAV (Dayananda Anglo-vedic) School and connected DAV as a memorial School during her address.

DAV Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia made concluding remarks and open-heartedly shared that the DAV School has become a topic worth for study and research not only in Nepal but around the world.

During his address, he simply recalled his early education and shared that he has been delivering the education which he always yearned throughout his life. He equally expressed his concern on ever increasing complexities in education as a outcome of rapid development of technologies and then motivated the parents and teachers with his thoughtful quote, 'With full conviction, I would like to say, our core eastern values cannot be changed at all'. 

He strongly believed that the children at present were fragile because they were excessively taken care of instead to the extent that was required'. According to the Chairperson, the sole outcome of education as per the need of time is to make students technically sound with good virtues and trait.  With his strong optimism, he wished to see School leadership along with all the teaching fraternity in the direction of 'Dayananda Anglo-vedic Model' and help children to achieve their desired goals in life.

As a part of Annual review meeting, Subject HoDs, Team Heads, Activity In-charges and all the major portfolio holders presented their programme for the session 2023/24.

On the same day, the annual awards of the academic session 2022/23 were also bestowed to the winners. The representative parents in the presence of all the school authorities handed STAR Student Award and Character Tree Award of the second semester and long awaited Ekalavya Award of the Academic Session 2022/23 in the presence of Class Teachers and Parents Community.

The Special Guest Mr. Godi made a short presentation on Neuro-inculsion perspectives in education at the moment when Mr. Pradip Jangid, Team Head of Academic Team was delivering their programme.

Meanwhile, the 'STAR Teachers' of the second semester were also honoured with the Award by the School Authorities. The moderator of the programme was Mr. Umesh Saud, Head of the Department of English.