Medical Leadership Award' to the Women in the Field of Medicine

Medical Leadership Award' to the Women in the Field of Medicine

Date: Mar 9th, 2023

On 9th March, 2022, DAV School bestowed 'Medical Leadership Award' to some distinguished female doctors associated with DAV School on the occasion of International Women's Day 2023, on the school premises.

'Medical Leadership Award' was bestowed in the gracious presence of the Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia and the first lady Ms. Sunita Kedia.

The doctors who were honoured with 'Medical Leadership Award' are Dr. Akriti Koirala (BDS), Dr. Binita Joshi (MBBS), Dr. Leeza Pradhan (Master of Dental Surgery), Dr. Nishla Shakya (MD, Dermatology) Dr. Puja Shrestha (MBBS, MPH), Dr. Punam Paudyal Sapkota MD (Pathology), Dr. Ranjita Rai (MBBS), Dr. Rijuta Joshi Jha (MD), Dr. Rupa Bastola, Dr. Sunita Bhandari (MD) and Dr. Upama Chapagain (BDS).

The International Women's Day-2023 was celebrated amidst enthusiasm and joy with various programmes to deliver message to gender equality in various sphere of society. The theme for International Women Day for this year is 'Innovation and Technology for gender equality, according to Digit ALL'.

The felicitation to Women Leader on the occasion of International Women's Day is initiated by the Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao and the school has been honouring the prominent women leaders every year in the same trait.

DAV Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia extended best wishes to all the prominent women leaders and said it’s a privilege to honor prominent female doctors on the auspicious occasion of International Women's Day. The Chairperson added that the doctors have made their jobs respected among all as they have dedicated their entire lives to the service of society with utmost dedication and hard work, abandoning all the joy and pleasure of personal life.



He applauded the program with esteemed admiration and noted that it’s a wonderful program initiated by the principal. Meanwhile, he openheartedly appreciated the role of a mother in a society, as she is sometimes a teacher, nurse, caretaker, or homemaker at every home, with her equal presence to men in any types of jobs and professions. In medical science, the percentage of female doctors is 40.6 percent around the world.

Similarly, Dr. Rijuta Joshi Jha expressed that she was highly privileged to be the part of programme and said, "Every one of us should work all together to ensure gender equality."

Likewise, Dr. Ranjita Rai expressed that she was genuinely humble for the honour and commended the initiation of the Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao and the effort of DAV School.

Some students associated with music department of the school performed an English song, "Girl on Fire'.  The moderator of the programme was English HoD Mr. Umesh Saud. Vice-Principal Mr. Ram Chandra Khanal and CAO Ms. Vijaya Tater along with all the school authorities were present to extend warm welcome to the invited guests.