Motivational Address from the Head Boy's Grandmother

 Motivational Address from the Head Boy's Grandmother

Date: Feb 20th, 2023

Mrs. Reeta Rai, grandmother of the head boy of middle school, made a motivational address in the morning assembly on  February 15.

Mrs. Rai, who is also a retired teacher, shared her life experiences and spoke about the importance of hard work, determination, and discipline. The students were captivated by Mrs. Rai as she shared her personal stories and struggles.

According to the grandmother, the learning desire should come from the heart and mind of learners and motivated students to go through the struggling phase of their parents and grand-parents.

She emphasized the importance of education and also made a short interpretation on how it can open doors for opportunities in life. In addition, she also provided some useful tips of learning from her long experiences in teaching profession.

She was cordially welcomed by middle school Co-ordinator Mr. Krishna Joshi, CCA In-charge Mr. Surchen Shah and all the teachers in the assembly.