Tiny Toddlers Engaging in Seed Germination Test

Tiny Toddlers Engaging in Seed Germination Test

Date: May 14th, 2023

The tiny toddlers of Kindergarten participated in an activity, 'Seed Germination Test' at the school premises on 4th and 9th May, 2023.

The activity was separately conducted for Nursery, LKG and UKG students.

According to Kindergarten Co-ordinator Ms. Shanti Gurung, the objective of the event was simply to provide learning opportunities to know how a seed can grow in to sapling if it gets proper nutrients from the environment.  

In this activity, the students engaged in sowing corn seed in their own pot and were suggested to keep water and protect it every day to observe the seeds growing in to a sapling.

The seed germination test helped students to know that sowing is done in mud, recognize corn seed, quantity of water required for the seeds and observe natural growth of living being.

Similarly, they also knew the words like sow, seed and mud.