Road-map of Neuro-inclusion Education for the session 2023/24

Road-map of Neuro-inclusion Education for the session 2023/24

Date: May 14th, 2023

Mr. Joel S. Godi, CEO, Neurogifted, USA, presented a road-map of Neuro-inclusion for the academic session 2023-24 in a '5-day Workshop and Training Session' held at the school premises in the month of April.

Mr. Godi addressed the First General Meeting of the Academic Session 2023-24 and noted that the Neuro-inclusion in education will not create barriers to teaching and learning process but will help all types of learners to achieve their academic target. 'This particular model will make the teaching and learning process easier', says Mr Godi.  

The workshop was organised separately for the students and teachers.

Addressing the programme, Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia extended best wishes to both the trainer and trainees. At the moment, he presented a scenario on how some of the world-class educational organizations changed over the years and made them self the most demanded learning hub as per the need and expectations of children and parents together.

 He also shed a light on the relevance of Neuro-inclusion methodology at present and motivated the teachers to help children to learn out of syllabus.

According to the Chairperson, Neuro-inclusion in education has been widely accepted as the useful teaching aid to meet the learning need of Generation Alfa and was equally supportive to read the psychology of students better.

The Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao further highlighted the importance of Neuro-inclusion in Education and said, 'When we are teaching life skills and leadership skills, we should open the doors to all validated learning approaches to Education.

According to the Principal, most of the children in South Asian Countries have a fear of questioning to the senior and motivated teachers to help students to cross all the learning obstacles.  In a special focus, the principal highlighted about the Neuro-inclusion in Education and noted that it is equally important for the teaching fraternity to review how we are delving deep in to the concept of neuro-inclusion in Education.

The Principal with strong optimism believed that neuro-inclusion will be the topic of interest to all the teaching fraternity of DAV School in next three years.

As a part of Neuro-inclusion in Education, Mr. Godi presented a neuro-inclusion calendar for the session 2023-24 on 17th April. The focus group was also formed during the training session and a discourse was held to find the appropriate neuro-inclusion model in relation to classrooms teaching.

On the first phase of this Neuro-Inclusion programme, Academic Team will collect the results from Exam Cell and also conduct some useful analytical test for the students. The questionnaires will be developed to check competency of each student in detail.

For furtherance, minimum parameters of Neuro Inclusion in Education will be defined so that uniformity is ensured in implementing neuro-inclusion model.

In addition, a 4-day Zoom Session will be conducted in the mid of June separately for the teachers of Junior, Middle and Senior School.

The Principal motivated the teachers and said that the school should do every possible things and present clear picture to the students. According to the Principal, the School like DAV should be aware on psychological problems and family issues when we are marching ahead with Neuro-inclusion in Education.

On 17th and 18th April, Mr. Godi also conducted a workshop for the students as a part of psychological experiment to measure students' engagement, critical thinking and a focus on creativity.

The workshop for Grade X and XII students was held on 17th April in Indu Hall. Similarly, the students of Grade V and VIII attended the session in the same trait on 18th April. Mr. Joel attempted at discovering types of learners and minutely studied if any of them had learning disabilities.

As a part of psychological experiment, he engaged students in group story-telling, team building and observed the engagement level of the students.

Similarly, some case studies of Junior School were also presented as a part of Neuro-inclusion in Education in a workshop organised for the Academic Team and HoDs.

To conclude, the teachers attending the training session shared that they were fortunate to learn all the emerging issues in education and upgrade them self in teaching profession.