Extempore Competition

Extempore Competition

Date: Jul 26th, 2022

CBSE students from Grade V to VIII participated in Hindi Extempore Competition in Jetavan Hall on July 19.

A total of twenty four students, six from each Grade of middle school (Grade V to VIII) took part in the competition.  The objective of programme was to develop extempore skills of the students according to Kabir Sahitya Samaj Club In-charge Ms. Indu Thakur.

The competition adequately helped students to learn and explore in-verbal communication skills.

Some of the topics presented in Extempore Competition were 'Educate the Girl and Save them', 'Importance of Women', 'My Favourite Poet', 'Importance of Sports', 'A travel to Moon in Dream', 'Problems of Pollution' and so on.

The moderators of the programme were Ananya Agrawal and Chanchal Mohata from Grade VI 'G'. The judges were Mr. Dilliram Sharma and Mr. Damodar Acharya.  The spectators were Grade VI 'G' and 'H' students.  The results were announced class wise. 

For more information, Deesha Singh from Grade V 'H' won the first position. Similarly, Riya Ambashta from Grade VI 'G' won the first position. Prahavi Gupta from VII 'F' won the first position. Likewise, Medha Thakur – Grade VIII 'I' and Naitik Ranka – Grade VIII 'H' won the first position.