Exceptional Performance: DAV's Triumph in CBSE Board Exams

Exceptional Performance: DAV's Triumph in CBSE Board Exams

Date: May 14th, 2024

DAVSKVB Community once again celebrates the remarkable achievements of its dedicated Grade X and XII CBSE students for the academic year 2023/24, as they shine brightly in the CBSE Board Examinations. The much-awaited CBSE Board results for Grade X and XII were unveiled on May 13, 2024, marking a moment of pride and joy for the entire community. In a special morning assembly on May 14, 2024, Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao, the Principal, shared the exhilarating news, extending heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to all the toppers and successful candidates.

Neha Jaisawal, from the Commerce stream, emerged as the topper for Grade XII, securing an outstanding 96.6%. Following closely are Roshani Bhupal and Srijan Kumar Gupta from the Commerce and Science streams, respectively, with impressive scores of 95.4%. Stuti Sharma secured the third position in the Commerce stream with an exceptional score of 94.8%. Remarkably, 27 students from Grade XII achieved scores of 90% and above, showcasing their dedication and academic prowess.

The students who scored 90% above results from Science Stream are- Srijan Kumar Gupta- 95%, Rishika Agrawal- 94.4%, Rahul Kumar- 93.6%, Ankit Jaiswal- 93.4%, Rohit Sau- 92.8%, Ishan Khan- 92.6%, Krishna Goyal- 92.6%, Shubhankar Prasad- 90.8%, Soumya Bista- 90.8%, Mahima Singh- 90.6%, Bhabya Das- 90.4%, Shubham Karna- 90.4%, Shally Goyanka- 90.2%, Shivam Jha- 90.2%, Yash Manohat- 90.2% and Anvil Shakya- 90%. In the same trait, the students who scored 90% above results in Commerce are- Neha Jaiswal- 96.6%, Roshani Bhupal- 95%, Stuti Sharma- 94.8%, Aaniya Agrawal- 93.2%, Niyati Sharma- 93.2%, Sakcham Poddar- 93.2%, Lakshya Kumar Somani- 92.2%, Hemangi Patel- 91.8%, Ankit Agrawal- 90.8%, Dipanshi Sharma- 90.6% and Daksh Agarwal- 90.2%.

In Grade X, Darsh Agrawal and Yukta Ghimire secured the top position with an impressive score of 96.6%, followed closely by Harshit Bajaj and Puja Agarwal with scores of 96.4% and 95.8%, respectively. Fifteen students from Grade X achieved scores of 90% and above, reflecting their commitment to academic excellence.

The students who scored 90% and above results are Darsh Agrawal -96.6%, Yukta Ghimire- 96.6% Harshit Bajaj- 96.4%, Puja Agarwal-95.8%, Kartik Mittal- 95.4%, Angel Bajaj- 94.4%, Krish Gurjar- 93.2%, Keshavi Somani-92.6%, Vaibhav Sarawagi- 92.6%, Azumi Tamang- 91.4%, Nishant Kumar Sah- 90.8%, Deba Pratik Khatua- 90.6%, Pushpanjali Sinha- 90.6%, Shantanu Yogi- 90% and Tanishq Chopra- 90% The Principal also presented 90% above results in each subject and introduced toppers of Grade X and XII who were present at the School premises to celebrate triumphant results.

On the auspicious occasion, the Principal recognized and celebrated these achievements, introducing the toppers and acknowledging the dedication of the teaching fraternity and the support of parents in nurturing such exemplary results. She concluded her address with blessings and words of encouragement for the upcoming batches to surpass the records set by their predecessors. To commemorate this momentous occasion, the school declared a celebratory holiday for all teachers and students on May 15, 2024, marking the beginning of a new chapter of success and aspirations.