Educational Tour of Grade VIII in Gorkha and Chitwan

Educational Tour of Grade VIII in Gorkha and Chitwan

Date: Jan 4th, 2023

A total of sixty five interested students of Grade VIII were taken to educational tour in Gorkha and Chitwan on 26th, 27th and 28th December, 2022.

The students departed from the School on 26th December and reached Gorkha Bazar through roadways. As a part of tour, all the students visited Gorkha Durbar and Gorkha Bazar.

The next day, their journey headed down to Sauraha, Chitwan. Jungle Safari at Chitwan National park added new excitements to the students. In addition, all of them went to Elephant breeding center. Sunset view and Tharu cultural dance of Sauraha attracted every one of them. 

The students were taken to educational tour by SSO Mr. Prashant Samal, Middle School Co-ordinator Mr. Krishna Joshi along with three teachers.

All the students and teachers returned to Kathmandu on 28th December, 2022.

DAV has been organizing Educational Tour programme to the interested students in various parts of the country during Dashain vacation, winter break and also at the end of the session.

In addition, the School is also arranging USA Tour, Bangkok Tour, German Tour, France and Spain Tour along with India Tour to the deserving and interested students in regular interval of time.

Educational tour during the break creates fun and recreational environment among the students as they get opportunity to travel and learn with their own friends and teachers.

On the other side, such tours and visits enables students for effective learning, enhances personal development, deepens social and historical knowledge, develops critical thinking,  generates the feeling to respect the culture, enhances perspectives and supports for effective communication.