Dhamma Deshana' on the Occasion of 2567th Buddha Jayant

Dhamma Deshana' on the Occasion of 2567th Buddha Jayant

Date: May 4th, 2023

DAV School organised a talk programme, 'Dhamma Deshana' to mark the celebration of 2567th Buddha Jayanti at the School premises yesterday (3rd May, 2023).

The students of Grade IX and X were fortunate to attend the most awaited talk programme of the School. 

Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia, the First Lady Shreemati Sunita Kedia and their beloved son Mr. Ayush Kedia whole-heartedly welcomed Honourable Bhikhhu Bimalo and all the Senior Bhantes from different Shanti Bihar of the Capital in the programme.

Addressing the gathering, Chairperson expressed that he was highly privileged and honoured to have Bhikkhu Bimalo and all the senior Bhantes on the auspicious occasion of 2567th Buddha Jayanti at his School.  He equally applauded Bhikkhu Bimalo and his team for accepting his invitation despite their busy schedule.

Chairperson noted that Human life in this last 2567 years of history is most blessed because of the Birth of Gautam Buddha. He further elucidated and said, 'Human beings are gifted with equal opportunity to reach in contact of Buddha and follow his life lessons with utmost dedication and honour to make oneself a Buddha Purush'.

He also talked about 'four Aarya Satya', the core knowledge of Buddhism and motivated students to go ahead with mediations so that they could understand it practically better. He strongly believed that the wisdom of human being is to identify the right and wrong.

Meanwhile, he also presented a paradigm shifts in parenting from authoritative to negotiative parenting and finally presented the current scenario of parenting.

Then, he humbly requested Bhikkhu Bimalo to sermonize the session and bless the children of modern age so that they could make their behavior pure and respect their parents. 

Honourable Bimalo in turn said that the Chairperson of DAV School, Shree Anil Kedia has been dedicated in 'Buddha Marg' which can be identified in his words, behavior and actions, so that the Bhantes are paying visit in his School.

More importantly, Bhikkhu Bimalo applauded the Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia for keeping Pariyatti Education in the curriculum along with meditation classes to the students, teachers, parents and public.

He headed with his preaching and introduced Siddhartha Gautam was called 'Buddha' as he identified the truth of life that human beings need to understand in a life process. He further added and said 'He showcased the way to come out from the misery, so he is called Buddha'. According to Bimalo, there are eighty four thousand 'dhamma deshana' and a single 'dhamma deshana' has a huge message that can drive human being in the enlighten process.

Meanwhile, he elaborated four Arya Satya of Buddha which states; there is misery in the world, the misery has a reason, there is a way to come out from misery and the ideal path. So, he believed Buddha has helped and supported mankind.

In a special focus, he also presented behavioral education as per the concern of Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia and motivated children to do only the works which they expect from others.

Similarly, he also made interpretation on Family Education as per the teaching of Buddha. Buddhism believes that Father and Mother are the real Gods. In addition, he presented that each member in a family should carry their responsibility so that the real heaven can be established in this life.

Bhikkhu Bimalo strongly believed that the celebration of Buddha Jayanti will make sense if we follow Buddha's Education.  He also shared that DAV School has been enormously contributed to mankind by providing Buddha Education and meditation together.

At the end, Bhikkhu Bimalo motivated children to serve the people and the entire creature those in need and receive the best of the best earning in life. The sermonizing session came to end with the 'Punyanumodan'. The moderators of the programme were Senior School Activity In-charge Mr. Tankanath Ghimire and Library Head Mr. Surya Majhi.

All the School authorities were present to extend sincere hospitality and warm welcome to all the Bhantes.