Chairperson Bestowed 'STAR Student Award' of the First Semester

Chairperson Bestowed 'STAR Student Award' of the First Semester

Date: Feb 5th, 2023

Chairperson Shree Anil Kedia bestowed the 'STAR Student Award' of the first semester in the benign presence of the parents/guardians of awardees in the special morning assembly of 5th February, 2023.

The students who won the 'STAR Student Award' of the first semester were Aayan Jha – Grade I 'B', Eshan Jha – Grade II 'A', Chhoyongee Thing- Grade III 'G', Reevan Muni Bajracharya- Grade IV 'D', Shreeya Bajracharya –Grade V 'D', Yushna Maharjan- Grade VI 'E', Ujjwal Dhoot- Grade VII 'F', Aksat Shrestha – Grade VIII 'B', Angel Bajaj- Grade IX 'F', Muskan Joshi- Grade X 'A', Vidisha Nepal- Grade XI 'D' and Arunim Prakash Shrivastav – Grade XII 'E'.

All the winners were honoured with the trophy and a merit certificate by the Chairperson.

Addressing the assembly, Chairperson emphasized on the significance of discipline as the foundation to every achievements that human beings attain in their life. He congratulated all the winners and extended best wishes to the rest of the students for the STAR Student Award in the second semester.

Similarly, the Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao stated that 'STAR Student Award' is the reflection of the Theme of the session, i.e. STAR (Stay on Task, Talk Politely in English, Always in Self-discipline, Respect Everyone and Everything). The Principal further elucidated, "STAR Student Award has been introduced for the first time in the history of DAV in which students have to put tremendous effort  to proclaim with 3-year references of achievements in scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

On the auspicious moment, the Chairperson and the Principal heartily congratulated all the awardees parents and said that the school acknowledges the role of the parents in grooming the children.

Meanwhile, Anamika Shreevastav, the parent who is also the Principal of Campaign College said that all the students can make themselves winners with dedication and hard work. The winners had been able to achieve the award as they were committed and successfully set the benchmark. Ms. Shreevastav in a special emphasis said, "I feel my children are in the safest hands under the command of the caring and vigilant Principal Dr. Rao."

Likewise, Prabhakar Jha, the parent of junior school extended heartfelt gratitude of to DAV School Management for providing wonderful environment of learning. He said that all the students of DAV were STAR students.

Prior to this announcement, the School Authorities went through the series of evaluation process to decide the winners. To conclude, with the accomplishment of 'STAR Student Award' of the first Semester, the Principal announced that students can collect the form for 'STAR Student Award' for the second semester from the school administration.