Celebration of 2566th Buddha Jayanti

Celebration of 2566th Buddha Jayanti

Date: Jun 1st, 2022

DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati celebrated 2566th Buddha Jayanti with great enthusiasm in the School premises on May 10.

The formal programme started with the preaching of Honourable Vikhu Bimalo, Head Siddhi Mangal Vihar, Sanagaon, Lalitpur.

In short, Vikhu Bimalo elucidated on 8 Noble-path of Buddha and 'Buddha Purush' among the students. To add more, 'Buddha Purush' is one who knows 'Chatur Arya Satya' also popularly known as 8 Noble paths in translated version.

Vikhu Bimalo added, 'Bodhi Gyan is all about identifying the cause of grief, solving grief, destroying the enemy that exit within oneself and showing the light in ignorance among others.

He also tried to make students understand, Gautam Buddha is not an incarnation of any Lord or Divine of the past

To mark the celebration of Buddha Jayanti, the students from Kindergarten to Grade XII participated in various co-curricular activities throughout the day.

In brief, the students of Middle School participated in Drawing Competition on various topics like Buddha and his life, Buddha and Peace, Peace Innovation and Peace of Mind.

Moreover, the students of Middle School were taken to Buddha Hall for documentary show.

In Senior School (Grade IX, X and XII), the students of Grade IX and X participated in Group Collage Making Competition on the topic- 'Buddha and Peace' and 'World Peace' respectively.

Likewise, the students of Kindergarten and Primary participated in painting and drawing competition under a theme 'Buddha Jayanti'. The kids were also shown documentary of Gautam Buddha on the same day.

The senior most students of the School, i.e, Grade XII students participated in Article Writing Competition on the topic ' Essence of the World Peace'.

 Likewise, Grade XII students also participated in Meditation in Indu Hall. The meditation class was facilitated by AT Vipasana- Mr. Ajit Shrestha and Sushil Sah.

To end, the Principal Dr. Bhubaneswari Rao along with members of the School Management and all the teaching and non-teaching staff also participated in Mediation programme. The moderators of the Meditation for the teachers were- AT Vipasana - Mr. Bikrant Raj Pandey and Mr. Bibek Dangol.