Celebration of '6th Janaradan Smriti Diwas'

Celebration of '6th Janaradan Smriti Diwas'

Date: Sep 3rd, 2023

DAV Sanskrit Department and Janardan Sanskrit Club celebrated '6th Janardan Smriti Diwas' by involving Sanskrit language students in various inter-house competitions from 28th August to 1st September 2023.

Hundreds of Sanskrit students of middle and Senior School with great enthusiasm participated in the programmes in the spirit of School heads. '6th Janardan Smriti Diwas' provided a wonderful opportunity to showcase the creativity and talents in Sanskrit.

Late Shree Janardan Ghimire was a multi-dimensional Sanskrit Scholar and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of DAV School. He was into the field of teaching Sanskrit almost from the inception of DAV School. People across the country admire his dedication and devotion to Sanskrit education.    

To honour the contribution of Janardan Ghimire in Sanskrit, DAV School has been celebrating Janardan Sanskrit Smiriti Diwas every year. Similarly, Janardan Sanskrit Club was formed to mesmerize his devotion to Sanskrit. The school has also named Janardan Sadan to one iron building in 2018.

The programmes that were held on the occasion of 6th Janaradan Smriti Diwas were Inter House Sanskrit Speech Competition for Grade IX and X in Jetavan Hall on 1st September, Sanskrit Quiz Competition for Grade VII on 30th August, Sanskrit Sabda Rupawali Competition for Grade VI on 29th August, Sanskrit Dhatu Rupawali for Grade V on 29th August and Sanskrit Shlok Bachan Competition for Grade VIII CBSE on August 28.

Vice-principal Mr. Ramchandra Khanal and Senior School Co-ordinator Mr. Tank Meghji Devji attended all the programmes and motivated students to learn Sanskrit in the spirit of Jananrdan Ghimire.

Vice-principal remembered Janardan Ghimire's presentation during the programme and motivated students of DAV to watch his exceptional speech skills in youtube. Meanwhile, he also shared benefits of learning multiple languages and inspired students to make their language and communication skills strong to succeed in any walks of life. Furthermore, Mr. Khanal also introduced language family in brief and suggested interested students to do research of Sanskrit language.    

The winners of the competition were honoured with the Certificate of Achievement immediately after the competition.

For more information, DAV School in collaboration with 'Janardan Smriti Pratisthan' and different Sanskrit organizations are planning to organise a Grand National Sanskrit Programme.