Career Orientation from French Culture Center

Career Orientation from French Culture Center

Date: Mar 2nd, 2023

DAV School introduced French Language and Cultural Studies as a part of its 'International Language Education Programme' from the academic session 2014/15.

In fact, it’s an added knowledge to the DAVians. Students of DAV were fortunate to become literate with a foreign language when German language and cultural studies was introduced in 2010 AD followed by Chinese language and cultural studies in 2012 AD.

As a result, students now avail the opportunity to select one foreign language among Chinese, German and French languages.  

To meet the need and interest of the students, the representative of French Culture centre were provided opportunity to make presentation on February 28.

 The students of Grade VI, VII, VIII and XI associated with French language and cultural studies were a part of the programme.

The presentation was conducted by AFK Team members, Ms. Marianne Pivot, Mr. Niranjan Neupane, Mr. Shashi Bikram Karki and Mr. Amrit Gurung. Every one of them invited students to visit French Culture Center in Kathmandu and explore their knowledge about French language and studies.

The presentations were made on why French language is registered as an international language and then briefed about the universities degree in France including short programs and summer schools.

Meanwhile, an interaction programme was held among the students and the representative of French Culture Center. The students also asked the cost of Universities in France.