Art Documentary Show

Art Documentary Show

Date: Feb 15th, 2023

In the world of art, there are various documentary series which have been successfully creating a buzz among art enthusiasts and curious viewers alike.

To meet the need and interest of the students, Uttam Kiran Art Club showed two short art documentaries namely 'Agrazka Bimbaharu" and 'A brief History of Art' in Jetavan Hall on February 13. The students associated with Uttam Kiran Art Club from Grade V to XII were provided an opportunity to watch the documentary and explore their understanding to art and craft.

'Agrazka Bimbaharu', explores the fascinating history of art and its impact on human society. The documentary delves into a particular period or movement in the history of art, examining the works of influential artists and exploring the social, political, and cultural contexts that shaped their creations.

Similarly, 'A Brief History of Art', covers vast subjects from the dawn of human civilization. From the intricate cave paintings and carvings, art continues to evolve, taking on new forms and styles in response to changing social, political, and cultural contexts.

The students were enthralled with the documentaries and were thankful to the School Management for developing the horizon of knowledge and expected similar opportunities in upcoming days.