4th Position for Saika in South Asian Yoga Sports Championship

4th Position for Saika in South Asian Yoga Sports Championship

Date: Jun 15th, 2023

Saika Maharjan from Grade X won the 4th position in the Third South Asian Yoga Sports Championship and 2nd Mount Everest Yoga Sports Festival held in Kathmandu from 8th to 10th June.

She was honoured with the medal and merit certificate.

Around three hundred people from six different countries of SAARC region including Iran and Saudi Arabia participated in the championship and demonstrated their support to yoga and sports activities.  Aarya Mishra from Grade XI also took part in the event. Both the students represented Lalitpur Yoga Sports Association.

South Asian Yoga Sports Association is the union of sub-continental yoga sports association in south Asia under patronage of International Yoga Sports Foundation (IYSF). The event was organised by Nepal Yoga Sports Association under Ministry of Yoga and Sports, Government of Nepal.

The event was graced by the presence of the Mr. Jaydeep Aarya from the Aayur Minstry, Government of India, the ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Nepal, first secretary of Embassy of the Bangladesh in Nepal, secretary from the ministry of youth and sports, Government of Nepal  and prominent personnel associated with sports and yoga.

DAV School family extends heartiest congratulations on this winning and our best wishes to both of them in their future endeavour.